$10 at Target: Paper Goods

I'll take any excuse to go to Target and spend a little money on a few fun things, so once again I'm joining the $10 at Target link-up. Last month I bought some makeup and office supplies, but this month I didn't stray from paper goods.

I'm breaking routine here and not sharing a style post today. Come back Wednesday though for a special mommy and me style post.

{what I bought}

Here's what I spent my $9.78 (under budget, woohoo!) on.

{one} a coloring book - $5. I've been wanting to get a coloring book for myself, because coloring does seem so relaxing. It will be the perfect thing to do while listening to an audiobook and watching baseball in the evenings. 

{two} colored pencils - $2. These will get me started with my coloring book, but if I find myself coloring often I may switch to markers. But for $2 I couldn't beat these colored pencils. 

{three} car stickers - $1. Jona lately has been all about cars AND stickers lately, so these were right up his alley. He had fun sticking and pulling off and re-sticking. He gets a little disappointed that stickers eventually lose their stickiness, or when they're hard to take off once he's stuck them, but for a short time, he's thrilled. 

{four} thank you notes - $1. I liked these simple, small thank you notes, perfect for sending a quick note. 

Did you buy anything fun at Target recently? 

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