Veggie Side Dishes to Try

What a week! I hope you are safe and healthy wherever you are. I have a hard time adjusting when my routine is disrupted, and I thought about taking a break from blogging because who really cares right now. But then I thought about how keeping some things consistent will be comforting, and that I will certainly take comfort in connecting with blog friends online.

So, let's talk about vegetables, shall we? One of my goals this month is to serve a fruit and a vegetable with every dinner we eat at home. We tend to struggle with vegetables around here. The way I like my veggies isn't necessarily the way Aaron likes his, Violet's tastes change daily (although she consistently eats more tomatoes* than anyone I know), and getting Jona to eat any vegetables at all involves superpowers I don't have.

Unless they're part of the main dish, veggies tend to be an afterthought for me, so I thought I'd help myself out by finding some easy veggie-as-side recipes to try with our meals.

Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

Parmesan Roasted Broccoli - I'll be honest, I'm probably the only one who will eat this. I'm hoping though with the addition of parmesan cheese that I can at least convince the others to try it.

Lemon Butter Green Beans - Green beans are a veggie that Aaron and I usually agree on, and I like that this recipe is similar to the way we usually have them. The addition of lemon makes them sound fresh and springy.

Roasted Parmesan Asparagus - As with broccoli, I'm going with "lets add some cheese and cross our fingers." I can't get the kids on board with asparagus, and it's actually not one of my favorites either. But roasted in the oven with some cheese? I can do that, and maybe I can convince them to take a bite.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries - I love sweet potato fries but haven't tried to make them at home in a long time. I anticipate both Aaron and Jona will be skeptical, but Violet loves fries and I'm hopeful she will at least give them a try.

Garlic Edamame - Aaron, Violet, and I all love edamame, and usually we just steam it in the microwave and dip in a soy sauce mix. I like this recipe for something different.

If you have any veggie recipes or prep ideas I'd love to hear them! 

*Yes, I know tomatoes are a fruit. I'm categorizing based on flavor, not technicalities. 

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