weekly highlights {8}

Happy Leap Week! Is that a thing? I just find it so bizarre that we get an extra day in February every four years. I'm sure it will feel like any other Saturday, but still... the calendar is weird. Here are a few highlights from the past week. 

Violet from 2 years ago! I love Timehop sometimes.


  • Cheer - I heard about this Netflix documentary series about a Texas college cheer squad on the Sorta Awesome podcast. I haven't yet finished it, but it is fantastic so far. 


  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls - I love these for a snack (or even breakfast!) that feels like a treat but is actually packed with pretty healthy stuff. They are plenty sweet so I'm not putting them in the "health food" category, but I think they're a good balance. 
  • Thai Chicken Quinoa Bowls - I hadn't made this for a long time but tried it again last week and we love it! I'm down for anything with a peanut sauce, and I like occasionally changing up our household staple of rice for some healthy quinoa. 


  • No Bad Kids - The author of this book, Janet Lansbury, is the host of one of my favorite parenting podcasts, Unruffled. This book pretty much sums up all her great advice in one place, and although it's aimed at toddlers it is still very relevant to my struggles with Violet. 
  • Searching for Sunday - I listened to this on audio, and I loved Rachel Held Evans' wise, honest story of her faith journey. 


What were some of your highlights of the week? 

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