weekly highlights {7}

About the time I've thrown out all the leftover candy from one holiday, another one comes along and my house feels like a sugar factory again. Jona's sweet tooth is as bad as mine, so it's a dangerous situation.

Here are last week's highlights:

They were pretty proud of the crafts they made at their cousin's birthday party over the weekend.



  • Valentine's Day picture books - We checked out Here Comes Valentine Cat and Love from the Crayons for the library to read last week and they were both too cute. Violet especially loved them. 
  • Once Upon a River - One of my favorite podcasts, The Girl Next Door, mentioned they were reading this book for their February book club podcast, so I decided to give it a try since it was on my TBR anyway. It's a bit outside of my usual genre, but I really enjoyed it. 


  • The Lazy Genius podcast: Your Body Is Not Flawed - Whoa. I'm not sure if it's because it's winter and I've been less active and putting on a few extra pounds, but I've been feeling pretty unhappy with my body lately. This podcast was exactly what I needed to hear and I am really trying to shift my mindset around body image. 
  • Read Aloud Revival podcast: Our Favorite Math Read-Alouds - Books are my go-to anytime I want my kids to learn more about pretty much any subject, so why should it be any different with math? As usual, Sarah and her guests had some excellent recommendations I can't wait to read with my kiddos. 


  • Ellen's Game of Games - This is a rare show that we can watch as a family and truly enjoy together. No one loves it more than Jona though--he can't even control himself he laughs so hard. 
What have been some of your highlights lately? 

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