weekly highlights {1}

In the spirit of a new year, I'm trying something different on the blog. Once a week I'll share a longer post, about style, books, or other topics like goals. My other post for the week will be a round up of various things I tried or enjoyed from the previous week, like recipes, podcast episodes, and other highlights from my week.

I'd love to hear if you like this type of post, and if you do what other things you'd like to hear about!

my favorite photo from the week



  • Three Women by Lisa Taddeo - I waited a while for this book and I expected to have a stronger opinion about it, but it was just okay for me. 


  • A music jar - I heard about this on the A Beautiful Mess podcast. The idea is you list out 52 bands or musicians, print each one on a piece of paper, and put them all in a jar. Each week you pull a paper out of the jar and you listen to that band all week. We started ours this week! 


What were some of your highlights of the week? 

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