{wearing} quilted vest with bold accessories

Between the time change, several neighbors with loud, annoying vehicles, and goodness knows what else, my children have decided to stop sleeping. Jona is waking up with "bad dreams" (I think lately he just feels the need to come get us when something wakes him up), and Violet will just loudly demand that Aaron or I come in her room until we do. They then wake each other up, and it's all in all a super fun time. That has nothing to do with anything, but if you see me start to slowly go crazy, you'll know why.

After a particularly rough night, I felt like keeping it pretty casual for church on Sunday morning. I usually like to dress up a little, but I'm thankful to go to a church where no one cares what you wear--you see people in dresses and ties as well as jeans and sneakers, it really doesn't matter. I wanted to dress up this casual look slightly though, so I added bold jewelry and my favorite bright pink mules. Hopefully my accessories will distract people from the circles beneath my eyes.

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