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I'm very routine oriented, and yet, paradoxically, I also need a lot of variety in my life. I wish I were one of those people who could eat the same (healthy, of course) breakfast day after day and be satisfied. But I love avocado toast and smoothie bowls as much as the next millennial, but after a week of that for breakfast I need a break.

For quite a while now, muffins have been my favorite breakfast go-to. They give me the best of both worlds: I can change up the muffin recipe each week for some variety, but I still get the quick, simple breakfast that a weekday demands.

Here are a few muffin recipes I've been loving lately:

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{muffin round-up}

  • Power Breakfast Muffins from Life According to Steph - These are my go-to when I'm feeling stuck in a breakfast rut. My whole family loves these, although I make a few without chocolate chips to satisfy Violet (what a weirdo). 
  • Banana Maple Muffins from Boys Ahoy - These are simple and light, and the maple syrup makes them just a little different from your traditional banana muffin
  • Banana Muffins from Brown Eyed Baker - Don't let the "banana" in the name fool you, these are not the healthiest muffins. But when I'm in the mood for that classic banana bread flavor, in muffin form, these can't be beat. 
  • Make-Ahead Bran Muffins from Mel's Kitchen Cafe - These may not be the most exciting variety, but something about these bran muffins with just a hint of sweetness, topped with a little butter... yum. Also, this recipe makes a TON and the batter can hang out in the fridge for weeks. (Mel purposefully made the recipe that way.) Sometimes I make them all and freeze half, other times I just make what I need for the week and keep the batter in an airtight container in the fridge. 
  • Whole Wheat Coffee Cake Muffins from How Sweet Eats - Despite the whole wheat flour, the addition of the (delicious) cinnamon sugar streusel topping on these muffins makes them a little indulgent. But sometimes, that's just what you need. 
  • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins from I Heart Eating - This one is the newest addition to my round-up, one I tried after seeing Anne share it. The oatmeal gives these a really dense, hearty texture, but in a delicious--not tough--way. They are sweet but not overly so, and I just love them. 

As you can tell, I'm a muffin addict, so I would love to hear some of your favorites as well. Share your favorites below! 

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