{wearing} a few favorites

I love shopping for new fall clothes, and I've added some fun new pieces to my closet already this season (including a sweater blazer and cute tasseled loafers that I'll style soon no doubt). Sometimes though, when I need a quick outfit, I like reaching for a few favorites that I know won't let me down.

This is a combination I wear again and again: jean jacket, striped top, black pants or jeans, and bright shoes. It's fairly season-less, and because I can't seem to stop buying striped shirts or bright shoes, I can wear this combination rather frequently and not feel like I'm always wearing the same thing.

What is one of your go-to combinations that never lets you down?

{shop: a few favorite things}

My favorites in this post are from last year (with the exception of my ancient denim jacket), but here are a few new pieces that definitely meet my "favorite things" criteria.

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