{eating} chocolate snack bread

I love to bake year-round, but we're entering the time of year that spending time in the kitchen and baking feels magical. When it's chilly outside, but the kitchen is oven-toasty and smells like cookies or cake or bread. Mmmm, I love it.

Over the weekend I tried a recipe for Double Chocolate Quick Bread from (a favorite!) Mel's Kitchen Cafe. The time of year when everyone else is reaching for everything pumpkin, I'm still devoted to chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate.

Although I did have a slice with my coffee for breakfast yesterday morning, realistically it's more of a dessert or sweet snack than something I would eat for breakfast every day. To me it tastes just like a chocolate muffin, which is what I was going for: sweet, chocolatey, and a little bit indulgent.

Do you like to bake this time of year? Have you made anything yummy lately? 

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