{wearing} animal print + I'm back!

Hey there! I'm dipping my toe back into blogging waters, but like my apprehensive six-year-old, I'm not too sure what will come of it. My blogging break was long and complete. Other than one guest post, I didn't do anything blogging-related since my last post in May. (I didn't even respond to comments. I'm sorry.)

Anyway, I'm going to try to get back into the groove, but keeping posts shorter and more focused. Each week I hope to what I've been wearing, reading, eating, and/or loving. I may not get to all of these each week, but having this limited focus will help me, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

I shopped a few Labor Day sales this weekend, and something I saw everywhere--even more than usual--is animal print. I feel like they say it's a trend every fall, but it really is out in full force right now. The leopard blouse I'm wearing today is old (it was a big "trend" when I bought it no doubt), but I have my eye on a few other leopard print items this season as well.

{what I wore}

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{on my wish list}

I have quite a bit of animal print in my wardrobe already, but I could be tempted to add some more. My wish list includes a leopard-print sweatshirt, leopard ankle booties, and a leopard midi skirt.

What's your favorite way to wear animal print right now?

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