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I love sharing what I read, but I was starting to get overwhelmed trying to recap all the books I read every month in one post. Instead, I'm going to focus on one or two that I loved and would recommend each week.

I am often drawn to thrillers, but too often I walk away feeling disappointed by them. I like the idea of a page-turner, and yet sometimes I find myself turning those pages just to get to the end already. With these books--both of which I would put in the literary mystery category, although Never Have I Ever did have a thriller vibe as well--I couldn't put them down, and at the same time I found them to be well-written along with being all kinds of compelling.


Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson. The neighborhood book club has quite a shake-up when Roux, the new tenant in a run-down house down the street shows up at Amy's door. She gets the women to spill their secrets, yet when Roux hints that she knows things about Amy's past, things Amy has never shared, a game of cat and mouse begins. Roux soon realizes that blackmailing Amy wouldn't be as simple as she thought, and Amy learns that if she wants to beat Roux at her game, she has to face her past.

This was a bit of a departure from the other Joshilyn Jackson novels I've read, but I really enjoyed it. She is such a fantastic storyteller.

The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth. Lucy has always had a strained relationship with her mother-in-law Diana, yet from the outside they appear to be a perfect family. When Diana is found dead, with a suicide note nearby, everyone wonders what made her want to take her own life... if that is really what happened. 

Wow, this one drew me in from the very beginning and kept me guessing the whole time. The characters were incredibly well-written, and I didn't want to stop reading until I had the mystery of Diana's death figured out. 

The Mother-in-Law: A Novel

Have you read anything good lately? 

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  1. Both of these sound great. I am just hearing about Joshilyn Jackson and never heard of Sally Hepworth. Thanks!


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