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Happy April! I can't deny that this is one of my very favorite months of the year, which I'm sure is mostly because it's my birthday month. But I think even if I didn't have a birthday this month I'd be a fan of this first full month of spring. March is unpredictable, you never know if it will feel like winter or spring, but by this time, at least around here, it's finally starting to reach that ideal "light jacket and flats without socks" weather that I adore.

The beginning of the month also brings Anne's Currently linkup, so once again I'm sharing a few things I'm currently up to.

{experiencing} spring! It is the best feeling to finally be able to enjoy being outside after a long, cold winter, and we've already had a few days of gorgeous weather. Going to the park, taking walks outside, enjoying the extended daylight (in spite of my feelings about Daylight Savings), and sipping my first white wine of the season are all things I love about this time of year.

{appreciating} Jona and Violet's teachers. I feel incredibly lucky that we have always had excellent childcare, from the dear women who watched Jona and Violet from the time they were babies to where they are now. As a new kindergartener Jona was pretty nervous to be in a brand new school full of brand new faces, full of chaos and noise--two things that he does not love. However, he has grown to love his school, and I know it is thanks to the caring, supportive teachers that he sees daily. And Violet is new to her daycare, but they welcomed her with open arms and every single teacher we see in the morning at drop-off--even teachers with their hands full in other classrooms--stops to greet my girl as we walk in. Not to mention her classroom teachers who have also taken on the task of potty training my little headstrong Violet... bless them!

{wishlisting} spring shoes! Spring clothes and spring colors make me so happy, so this is a time of year I feel the urge to shop more than usual. I try to wait until the end of the month when I have birthday money to spend, but so many spring shoes are calling my name!

{posting} to Instagram Stories more rarely than I'd like. I'm such a creature of habit and routine. I really love Instagram stories and the way it feels more casual and laid-back than regular Instagram, but in a way that competes with my rule-following ways. Initially I came up with a plan to share different types of content on different days, but I found that to be a challenge because some days content would pile up and I felt like I had a million books to share on Tuesday yet not much to say about style on Wednesday. Although the idea of having a schedule of sorts appeals to me and helps me actually do the things (in this case, post to IG stories), I'm going to try to be more free-flowing about it and just share as things come up. Which is what I'm sure most normal people do...

{considering} a new way to track my reading. The last part of this post sure did take a turn for the nerdy, didn't it? But seriously, tracking my reading (and what I read the kids) is pretty important to me. For the past few years I've used a bullet journal to track reading, but lately that hasn't been working as well. I'm going to talk more about it in my book roundup Thursday, but I'm thinking about going digital and using a spreadsheet to track books.

What have you been up to lately? 

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  1. What a great post! I’m definitely with you on the shoes thing!


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