Casual Spring Look with a Yellow Striped Top

My plan was to post our Easter outfits today, but I was a little late getting my shopping done. I finally did find something to wear, but not before writing this blog post. Next week I'll share our Easter outfits, but today I have something at the opposite end of the spectrum, a very casual spring look.

I complained about this top on Instagram, how I buy these tops with cute sleeves and then always cover them up because I'm cold! While I inevitably did put a jacket on later, I wanted to show off the sleeves here, otherwise it's just an ordinary yellow striped top. I've really been into sunny yellow lately, and I love how it instantly brightens up any look.

Speaking of brightening up, I got my hair freshly cut and colored over the weekend. It had been a while so it felt really good to get it done. Plus the wait time under the warm dryer with my book wasn't too terrible either. ;)

Do you usually get something new to wear for Easter (if you celebrate Easter)? 

Yellow striped top: Old Navy | jeans: American Eagle | earrings: Nickel and Suede | white sneakers: Converse

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