March Wins and April Goals

This year, along with my word of the year, I am focusing on a theme each month and creating goals around that theme. Similar to my happiness project last year, I hope to cumulatively build on the habits I create with each monthly theme. Every month I’m sharing my goals, along with a few wins and things that brought me joy from the previous month, since joy is the word I’m focusing on in 2019. In March I focused on health and wellness, while April's focus is all about parenting.

{march wellness wins}

- Maintained my (at least) twice weekly yoga practice. It may not be much, but it's a start, and as someone who formerly declared yoga to be "not my thing" I've come a long way. I'd like to increase my frequency, simply because I always feel so good during and after doing yoga, but at this point I'm just not sure how.

Took a walk (outside when I could) at work at least twice a week and in general tried to find opportunities to move more. The second half of the month brought much improved weather, and when that was the case I found it easy to take walks outside both at home and at work. On cold days at work, I did try to walk around the building, although I admit that I still haven't tried out our company workout room.

Scheduled a physical and eye appointment for myself. I haven't done either of these in years, so I am due!

Increased my vegetable intake by including more vegetables in the meals I cook at home. I also made an effort to squeeze in more fruits and veggies at breakfast and lunch.

{what brought me joy in march}

- Read 6 books. Some really good ones too! Of course I'll share more in my monthly reading recap.

Continued to use a meal planning service, Sweet Peas Meals. I've mentioned it before, but I am so happy with this! I plan to share a review later next month.

Took a trip with family to visit my alma mater, Kansas State. I went on a college visit with a close family member and it was so fun to see how much the university has changed and the city has grown!

Visited the Kansas City Zoo on a nice day. Hallelujah for perfect spring weather on a Saturday!

Survived a solo parenting weekend. Aaron went away for a guys weekend this month, and while I'm perfectly capable of taking care of our kids alone, it is exhausting. The zoo trip that same weekend helped.

Started doing "dinner in" date nights every other week with Aaron. We started setting aside Wednesday nights to spend time together, and every other week we make a special dinner to eat after the kids go to bed. It's been fun to spend the time cooking together, and also enjoying some uninterrupted conversation while we eat.

- Got a pedicure. Such a great way to begin spring!

{april goals}

- Attend the parenting class offered by Violet's daycare. They are offering a free weekly class on conscious discipline. We missed the first class but hope to go to the rest--we need all the help we can get with Violet right now.

- Read a parenting book.

- Get on the same page with Aaron about parenting strategies for Violet. I've said all along that she is such a different kid from Jona, so what worked for him when he was Violet's age are not working with her. She has been a challenge lately (to say the least) so we need to find some strategies before we lose our minds.

- Get Violet (mostly) potty trained. I had planned to wait a bit longer to potty train (she's not even two and a half yet) but in her class at daycare a lot of kids are working on it, and her teachers wanted to try with her if we were okay with it. Well, I wasn't going to deny potty-training help so we've been trying at home too. She's been doing better than I thought she would, but we still have a ways to go.

- Get more involved with Jona's school. I don't have a lot of free time, but I would like to do more volunteering at Jona's school when I can. (Violet's too, but one thing at a time.)

- Plan some one-on-one time with each kid.

What are your goals for this month? 

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