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Where I live, March feels like the month where we pretend it's spring. Schools have their spring breaks in March, and everyone is usually so sick of winter that we're hopeful this will be the month it finally ends. Spoiler alert: it never does. This winter has been especially brutal, and yet another snowstorm kicked off this month. At the rate it's going, I'm setting my sights on April and not even entertaining a hope that March will feel remotely spring-like.

I'm sorry, I feel like that's all I talk about these days--the winter, how terrible it's been, and how much I'm over it. Thank goodness for Anne's Currently link-up to help me focus on some other things. Here's what I'm currently up to in March.

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{scheming} a fall getaway. A friend of ours is getting married in October and his wedding is in Arizona. Other than our summer road trips to visit ball parks, we don't take a lot of other vacations--especially ones without kids--but we're plotting and planning a way to make this work.

{reading} The Wedding Date. I'm not typically a romance reader, but after hearing interviews with Jasmine Guillory (the author) on a couple of podcasts I decided to give it a try. This book came at the perfect time too, because I've been in a bit of a reading slump. (Does that ever happen to you, especially after finishing something you really loved?) The Wedding Date is fun and light (not to mention pretty steamy!), and it's just the thing I needed to get out of the slump.

{buying} movies to stream. I feel like we've been stuck in the house since 2018. There have been SO many days off from school (we're at snow day count #7), and lots of weekend days where the weather has been too bad to really go out and do anything. Violet is still too young for a movie to hold her attention for long, but for Jona, watching a movie is a nice treat for a snowy day. I'm thankful for Netflix, but sometimes it seems like we've even exhausted those options, so we'll buy one to rent.

{making} new weekly meal plans. I enjoy meal-planning but tend to spend way too much time doing it. Lately it's been causing more stress and feeling less fun, so after reading a review from Janssen of Everyday Reading, I decided to try Sweet Peas Meals. I was already curious about it because one of its creators, Jessica from How Sweet Eats, is a food blogger I've been following for years. I've made quite a few of her recipes and we always love them. This week is my very first week to try it and I'm pretty excited. I will plan to share a review after a month or two.

{accomplishing} one of my March health goals. I'm getting into the habit of doing yoga in the morning a few days a week. Right now it's not as often as I'd like, but I think if I can make it a habit in a way that feels manageable to my schedule, it will be easier to increase the frequency later. I've been doing a couple of morning videos from Yoga with Adriene and I really like them.

What have you been up to so far this month?

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