March Wins and April Goals

This year, along with my word of the year, I am focusing on a theme each month and creating goals around that theme. Similar to my happiness project last year, I hope to cumulatively build on the habits I create with each monthly theme. Every month I’m sharing my goals, along with a few wins and things that brought me joy from the previous month, since joy is the word I’m focusing on in 2019. In March I focused on health and wellness, while April's focus is all about parenting.

Striped Tie-Waist Tee and Classic Trench

I ordered a couple of spring tops during a recent Old Navy sale, and I've been debating on whether to keep them. Online shopping is about all I have time for these days, and yet I'm often disappointed when what comes in the mail is different from what I was expecting. This shirt for example, online appeared to have blush pink stripes. When it came in the mail the stripes were pretty, yet clearly lavender.

I thought about returning it since lavender isn't in this month's blush and olive palette, but because I like the style, fit, and even the color, I'm going to hold on to it. So a bit of lavender is sneaking into my closet this month, and I'm okay with that. I love the tie-front style, and I feel like that little detail, along with the pretty-hued stripes, instantly refreshes a few older items in my closet.

Do you mostly shop in store or online? Do you often get surprised by the way something looks at home vs online? What do you do? 

Trench jacket: Gap Factory (similar) | lavender striped tie-front top: Old Navy | jeans: American Eagle | earrings: Nickel and Suede | perforated sandals: Universal Thread, Target

Olive and Blush: March Daily Looks

Time for another round-up of workweek looks that I share on Instagram. It feels a bit like blog-cheating (ridiculous I know) to post photos I've already shared here, but I love seeing the month's looks all together like this. Especially since I've been working with monthly color palettes, it's nice to see how cohesive--or not--each month's closet feels.

This month my colors were olive and blush, along with a healthy dose of neutrals. I love these soft, somewhat muted colors for a month that feels so transitional. As the month goes on we've been getting some spring-like weather and it's been wonderful.

Here are my March daily looks.

Camo and Blush for Spring

I’m kidding myself that it’s spring, because it’s totally not yet, but we have had some nice weather lately. I will take it while I can get it! We even spent some time outside over the weekend--we went to the zoo--which was wonderful because I think the kids were starting to feel a bit like caged up zoo animals themselves. Would that make me the zookeeper?

I mentioned last fall that I was slow to adopt the camo trend, feeling like it just wasn’t “me,” but after I bought this camo jacket I was sold. Since then I’ve also added a camo tee to my closet, and I’ve definitely found a way to make this trend work for me. For me to embrace camo, I need to pair it with something more feminine. Since my color palette this month is olive and blush, that idea works perfectly.

For a casual weekend look, I wore my camo tee with white jeans and a cardigan. I added my favorite blush sneakers, and I like the relaxed feel and color contrast. Confession: I wore nearly the same outfit on Friday of last week, swapping out the camo tee for a plain olive one, and the white jeans for a regular denim pair. I love a good outfit formula.

How do you feel about camo, and how do you like to style it?

Gray cardigan: Loft via ThredUp | camo tee: Target | white jeans: Old Navy | earrings: Nickel and Suede | blush sneakers: Target

In My Library Tote: February Children's Book Reviews

You would think that with as many days as Jona was off school for snow days in February, the stack of books we read together would be high. We did read a few, but I admit that there were probably more movies watched than normal, rather than books read. Part of that was because it was mostly Aaron home with the kids, and he’s not as excited about read-alouds as I am, and partly it was because veering from the normal schedule is a challenge. I’m looking forward to some normalcy around here. Anyway, here’s what we read in February.

Olive Jeans with Gray and Blush

For the past couple of months I've been trying out sticking to a color palette each month and it's been really fun so far. Surprisingly I don't get bored even though my selection is more limited, instead I've found that getting dressed is easy and mostly fun.

Last month I wore neutrals with burgundy and blush pink, and for March I wasn't quite ready to let go of the blush. So instead of burgundy I'm pairing it with olive green--a combination I've come to love over the past couple of years.

I found these olive jeans last year and since I wear jeans almost every day (thanks casual office dress code!) it's been nice to have a little color to add to the rotation. I picked up this twist-front tee at Target recently; it is so soft that I couldn't pass it up. It's the perfect weight too: a bit warmer than a tee shirt, but not a thick sweater either.

What colors do you like to wear in the spring?

Gray twist-front top: Target | olive jeans: Old Navy (similar) | blush earrings: Nickel and Suede | necklace: Target | leopard flats: ThredUp (similar)

In My Library Tote: February Book Reviews

Do you read more print books, audio books, or eBooks? Typically I prefer print books, for me it’s a more enjoyable experience to hold a “real” book in my hand and physically turn the pages. However, I’ve increased the amount of audio and eBooks I read in the past few years because you can’t beat the convenience of either. When I was looking at my books read last month, I was surprised to realize that only one of the seven is a hardcover print book--the rest are either audiobooks (checked out from the library) or eBooks (purchased via Kindle deals). Anyway, here’s what I read.

Currently: March

Where I live, March feels like the month where we pretend it's spring. Schools have their spring breaks in March, and everyone is usually so sick of winter that we're hopeful this will be the month it finally ends. Spoiler alert: it never does. This winter has been especially brutal, and yet another snowstorm kicked off this month. At the rate it's going, I'm setting my sights on April and not even entertaining a hope that March will feel remotely spring-like.

I'm sorry, I feel like that's all I talk about these days--the winter, how terrible it's been, and how much I'm over it. Thank goodness for Anne's Currently link-up to help me focus on some other things. Here's what I'm currently up to in March.

Plane photo - Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash