February Wins and March Goals

This year, along with my word of the year, I am focusing on a theme each month and creating goals around that theme. Similar to my happiness project last year, I hope to cumulatively build on the habits I create with each monthly theme. Each month I’m sharing my goals, along with a few wins and things that brought me joy from the previous month, since joy is the word I’m focusing on in 2019. In February my goals were all about strengthening my marriage, and in March I'm moving on to wellness.

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{february marriage wins}

- Aaron and I had our day date! After having to cancel plans due to school cancellations, we weren't sure we'd get our day date in this month, but we did. Last Sunday afternoon we went to brunch and then had cocktails. It was nice and relaxing, and we had some good conversations about plans we want to accomplish this year. 

- Continued our show-watching ritual and planned some others. I mentioned last month that we started This Is Us and we're still (slowly) making our way through that. We also decided to make Wednesday nights a mini-date night at home.

- Scheduled calendar reminders for monthly date nights. Aaron and I share a Google calendar, so I decided to add a date night to it once a month. For me, if it's on the calendar, it usually happens, so this is my visual reminder to make plans. We may not go out every month, but at the very least we can plan something--even if it's just a game night at home--once a month. 

- Intention. I was just more intentional in general about spending more quality time together, and in turn I felt like Aaron wanted to do the same. Trying to stay connected while taking care of young kids is challenging, but I don't want to put our relationship on the back-burner. We are better parents when our marriage is strong. 

{what brought me joy in february}

- Books, always. I read seven this month, and I'm pretty sure one will make my list of favorites for the year. I'll share my reading round-up next week.

- My burgundy and blush closet. This was only month two of my monthly mini-capsule experiment, but just as in January I loved having a color palette to work from. You saw in my daily style round-up post that I wore mostly neutrals again, but with burgundy and blush accents. It made getting dressed so easy, and fun. My wheels are turning about what I'll choose for next month...

- KonMari-ing my clothes and the kids' clothes. I had a good time going through my closet and weeding out what no longer sparks joy, and even more fun trying to perfect my KonMari folding technique. Just opening up my sock drawer is a pleasant experience these days. I did the same folding method with Jona and Violet's clothes, and it really does make everything easier to see and store.

- Violet's new daycare. Due to unfortunate circumstances we had to move Violet from her in-home daycare this month. Luckily the child development center where Jona went to preschool had an opening, and (sigh of relief) she has been loving it. She adores her teacher, and seems to have a ton of fun while she's there. I'm so grateful that this has been a positive transition. 

{march goals}

This month I’m focusing on wellness and taking care of my body. Too often I feel like I take my health for granted, but I'd like to do a better job of making physical health a priority. Here are my wellness goals.

- Practice yoga at least twice a week. I started doing this a few weeks ago, and I hope to continue. I’ve been trying a short morning yoga routine from Yoga with Adriene, but I’d like to slowly work my way to a slightly longer one, and maybe try some other routines as well.

- Walk or use the workout room at work at least twice a week. When it was warm out I was in a good habit of going on a walk outside most afternoons, but once it got cold out and I changed jobs that routine has fallen by the wayside. My office has a workout room with a few treadmills and elliptical machines, so I have NO excuse to not return to this habit, even if it’s cold out.

- Schedule doctor appointments for me. I do a good job of getting the kids in for their regular check-ups, but my own have fallen off the calendar. This month I need to schedule an annual physical and an eye exam for myself.

- Read Intuitive Eating. I feel okay about my eating habits, although I know I could definitely decrease my sugar intake and increase my veggie intake. I’ve heard great things about this book though, and I think it could help me get to an even better place health-wise.

- Eat more fruits and vegetables. Like I said, I could always improve in this area, especially with vegetables. I’ve gotten better about bringing fruit to eat as a snack at work, but vegetables are just not something I naturally reach for. I just signed up for Sweet Peas Meals (the meal planning service from Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod and Jessica of How Sweet Eats) and I am SUPER pumped about it. I know that the recipes on their meal plan will help with this goal, because from what I can see their meals include more veggies than what is the norm for us. I may get a little pushback from my family (especially the male half), but I don’t think it will hurt any of us!

What are your goals for March? Did you have any wins, big or small, in February? 

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