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February sometimes feels like the consolation prize of a really long January. Oh, January seems super long? Well February only has 28 days! Unless the average temperature for February exceeds 50 degrees, this consolation is not enough. Regardless, we are one step closer to spring and a few days into a new month. With that, as always, comes the Currently linkup at In Residence, and here are a few things I’m currently up to.

{anticipating} spring. You’re shocked I know. After having lots of snow and then negative temperatures, we got a treat in the form of gorgeous weather over the weekend. I know that winter is far from over, but that little tease has me hopeful that (maybe?) the worst is over and spring is coming. Soon-ish.

{going} to a new school. Not me--Violet started at a new school this week. (And to hear her say "I'm gonna have a teacher!" is the cutest.) Unfortunately, her daycare provider, whom we love dearly, had a family health emergency and she has had to step back from providing care. Thankfully, the child development center where Jona attended preschool had an opening in their two-year-old room and Violet was able to get right in. Jona loved it there and I’m sure Violet will have a great time as well. Drop-off for day one went great!

{making} muffins. I have been on a muffin kick for breakfast lately; I think it may be partially due to the fact that I finally bought a big cookie scoop that makes portioning so easy. In the past month, we’ve had banana chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip yogurt muffins, and bran muffins. I’m sad to report that as of today my muffin supply is no more… I need to get back to baking stat!

{watching} This is Us. As usual I'm late to the party when it comes to TV shows. Most of the time I miss the party completely and I never know what the heck people are talking about. I wanted to watch something that Aaron and I would both enjoy though, and so I'm glad I took the recommendation of pretty much everyone and started watching this. (Another watching recommendation: Bohemian Rhapsody. What a great movie.)

{wearing} blush and burgundy. New month, new color scheme. I've still got a lot of neutrals going on, but I've added blush and burgundy into the mix. They're not overtly Valentine-y the way red and pink together are (which I love too!) but I do love the two colors together.

What have you been up to this month? 

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