Burgundy Cardigan + Blush Floral Top: Winter Meets Spring

I know some people include coats in their winter style posts, but for me I don't really consider my coat part of my outfit. I only have a couple I wear regularly, so it's not like it's a carefully selected accessory that I deem an "outfit completer." It's mostly there for function. So once I'm done freezing my butt off for these photos, I put my coat on before I spend any more time in this yuck of a winter.

I wore this on Sunday to church, and also the top half to work on Valentine's Day, but I was only there a few hours because Violet was sick (but all better now). I really liked this combination of blush floral top and burgundy sweater, so I wanted to wear it again as soon as I could. The top hints at spring, and I need as many hints as possible these days. Another snowstorm rolled through on Friday and with it came school cancellations. Between that and Violet's sickness, the day date Aaron and I planned was canceled. I'm sure we'll reschedule, but still, my frustration with winter only grows.

Do you consider your coat part of your outfit? Also, how has your winter been (if it's winter for you where you are that is)? I feel like it's been pretty bad for a lot of people this year.

Burgundy cardigan: Gap Factory (similar) | Blush floral blouse: Harlowe and Graham via ThredUp (similar at a great price) | black ponte pants: Gap | earrings: Nickel and Suede | cognac over-the-knee boots: Target (similar)

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