February Wins and March Goals

This year, along with my word of the year, I am focusing on a theme each month and creating goals around that theme. Similar to my happiness project last year, I hope to cumulatively build on the habits I create with each monthly theme. Each month I’m sharing my goals, along with a few wins and things that brought me joy from the previous month, since joy is the word I’m focusing on in 2019. In February my goals were all about strengthening my marriage, and in March I'm moving on to wellness.

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90s Flashback Flannel and Rain Boots

I'm writing this post on the heels of a lovely weekend, and I'm struggling to find the inspiration to talk about my outfit--an outfit I wore Saturday for errand-running in the rain and family hang-out time. Instead, I thought I'd list a few things that are currently making me happy, and I'd love to hear some of the things on your happy list as well.

Making me happy right now...

  • This crazy soft flannel shirt from American Eagle. It's called "ahh-mazingly soft" for a reason! I almost returned it because I wasn't sure a flannel shirt was my style, but I'm glad I kept it; it's been the perfect cozy layer for weekend days. 
  • A date day! Aaron and I got our previously canceled date day in thanks to my dad and step-mom watching the kids. We had fun going to brunch and then having a cocktail or two while enjoying some rare, uninterrupted conversation. We didn't have to answer any questions about Legos, Spider-Man, or whether anyone could have a snack. Wonderful. 
  • Having a go-to Friday restaurant. We don't go out to eat every Friday, but when we can there's a pizza place nearby that has a great happy hour. It's a bar so we don't have to worry about the kids being too loud, and we can all enjoy pizza (and a glass of wine or a cocktail for the grown-ups) and relax, all without spending too much money. 
  • These rain boots from Target. Heck, I'm just happy to need rain boots instead of snow boots right now! I have a feeling the snow isn't over, but I do like these boots for both rainy days and that slushy period when the snow is a melty mess. These were inexpensive, comfortable, and look a lot like regular ankle boots so I don't feel awkward wearing them to work. 
  • More muffins! I can't seem to get enough muffins for breakfast--it's such an easy crowd-pleaser. I made a batch of these Power Muffins over the weekend (a few without chocolate chips for Violet... hard to believe we're related) and now we have breakfast all week. Yum. 

Burgundy long-sleeve tee: American Eagle | gray plaid flannel shirt: American Eagle | jeans: American Eagle | earrings: Nickel and Suede | necklace: Universal Thread, Target | rain boots: A New Day, Target

Blush and Burgundy for February: Everyday Looks

Last month I shared a round-up of my everyday looks that I share on Instagram, and I thought it was fun to see all my (mostly) work outfits together in one place so I'm doing it again. Last month's wardrobe was all about neutrals with small pops of color. This month I chose a color palette around a couple of current favorite hues: burgundy and blush. I also have lots of neutrals thrown in for good measure.

Here are my February looks.

Burgundy sweater: American Eagle | jeggings: Old Navy | black rain boots: A New Day, Target

Burgundy Cardigan + Blush Floral Top: Winter Meets Spring

I know some people include coats in their winter style posts, but for me I don't really consider my coat part of my outfit. I only have a couple I wear regularly, so it's not like it's a carefully selected accessory that I deem an "outfit completer." It's mostly there for function. So once I'm done freezing my butt off for these photos, I put my coat on before I spend any more time in this yuck of a winter.

I wore this on Sunday to church, and also the top half to work on Valentine's Day, but I was only there a few hours because Violet was sick (but all better now). I really liked this combination of blush floral top and burgundy sweater, so I wanted to wear it again as soon as I could. The top hints at spring, and I need as many hints as possible these days. Another snowstorm rolled through on Friday and with it came school cancellations. Between that and Violet's sickness, the day date Aaron and I planned was canceled. I'm sure we'll reschedule, but still, my frustration with winter only grows.

Do you consider your coat part of your outfit? Also, how has your winter been (if it's winter for you where you are that is)? I feel like it's been pretty bad for a lot of people this year.

Burgundy cardigan: Gap Factory (similar) | Blush floral blouse: Harlowe and Graham via ThredUp (similar at a great price) | black ponte pants: Gap | earrings: Nickel and Suede | cognac over-the-knee boots: Target (similar)

In My Library Tote: January Children’s Books

I’ve always kept an ongoing list of picture and early chapter books I’d like to read with Jona (and eventually, Violet) in my book bullet journal so I never run out of things to check out at the library. Because my old job was right across the street from one of the branches of our local library, I could easily stop by on my way home, or during lunch, to pick up a few books. These days it’s a lot less convenient, so I have to be more strategic with my holds. I'm trying to get into a regular routine so I can keep our library stack refreshed. Do you have a library routine? Are you a browser or do you run in, grab your books, and go? (I'm usually the latter.)

Here’s what we read together in January.

Cozy Burgundy Sweater and Jeans: My Weekend Uniform

Over the weekend I KonMari'ed my clothes. I love clothes but I'm an "under-buyer" by nature, so I wasn't working with over-stuffed drawers or closet space. Yet I still managed to fill two garbage bags with items that no longer spark joy. I may have some shopping to do come spring, but for now I'm happy with what I'm left with.

Luckily most of my cozy sweaters made the cut, because I really need them this winter. Lately my weekend uniform has been a cozy sweater, jeans, and boots. Nothing too exciting, but fortunately I've found some sweaters in fun colors or featuring interesting details (like the side lace-up detail of this one that I failed at getting a picture of...). 

I may have to hide my sweaters though once spring finally does start, because I have a feeling that--like a new mother who just can't with her maternity clothes anymore--I will want nothing to do with all winter-weather wear. 

What is your weekend uniform right now? Also, how often do you purge your closet? 

Burgundy sweater: American Eagle | jeggings: Old Navy (similar) | blush earrings: Nickel and Suede | ankle boots: Fergalicious via ThredUp (similar)

In My Library Tote: January Book Reviews and Recommendations

January has been a busy month, and along with the ridiculous winter weather, it also brought some good books. Here's what I read in January.

Currently: February

February sometimes feels like the consolation prize of a really long January. Oh, January seems super long? Well February only has 28 days! Unless the average temperature for February exceeds 50 degrees, this consolation is not enough. Regardless, we are one step closer to spring and a few days into a new month. With that, as always, comes the Currently linkup at In Residence, and here are a few things I’m currently up to.