Layered Stripes and Cozy Textures with Over the Knee Boots

Last week I talked about all the snow we got, and at the time they predicted another snow storm heading our way over this past weekend too. Luckily we dodged the big snow bullet and only got a couple of inches, but the cold weather didn't miss us. I went to Target on Saturday to pick up a car seat I'd ordered and my trunk was actually FROZEN SHUT. Here I am with this giant carseat box and I have to put it in the front seat because I can't open my trunk. I'm sure it was a sight--it was pressed up against the side of my face and shoulder like an overly friendly passenger. 

Anyway, enough about those good times. Because of the cold I've been all about the layers and cozy sweaters lately. Since I'm working the neutrals this month, one way I like keeping my outfits interesting is by playing with texture. I love the cable-knit texture of this sweater mixed with its black and white marled look. I added this soft striped tee underneath for warmth, and also because I like the look of the patterns together. 

I chose my over-the-knee boots for function as much as anything. I do like the way they give a little bit of polish to this look, but I was mostly interested in the extra layer of leg insulation. 

Since I can't avoid the cold weather completely unfortunately, I guess I'll make the most of it by wearing as many layers as possible. How do you dress for warmth in the winter? 

Cable-knit sweater: Gap | striped tee: American Eagle | jeans: American Eagle | earrings: Nickel and Suede | over-the-knee boots: Target (similar)

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. 

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  1. I love, love, love this cute and cozy combo. The OTK boots are perfect.


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