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Happy December! While I feel like November went really fast, with Thanksgiving falling on the early side I've been ready to kick off the holiday season for a while now. I'm joining Anne to share a few things I'm Currently up to for the month. I had planned to share my goals as well, but I've been taken down by a not-so-fun bug and this was the only part of the post I'd planned ahead.

{currently: december}

{gifting} need, want, wear, read. To try to reign in the shopping a bit this year, I'm following the idea I've seen on the internet the last few years to stick to those categories, one from each, in order to not go crazy with kids shopping. However, I may have had a little too much fun with the "wear" category, since this time of year is also aligning with the kids really needing more clothes. I couldn't resist those shoes during a New Balance sale for Jona, even though I already bought him some pants to fit the category. He really does need a new pair, and aren't they speedy looking? 

{baking} holiday treats. Holiday baking is the best, right? I made pecan pie bars to take to Thanksgiving, and over the weekend Jona and I made some monster cookies, made all the more festive with red and green M&Ms, to take to church (plus some extra to eat at home of course). 

{singing} a non-stop medley of Violet's favorites. Violet is a singing machine; she's always walking around with a tune. She likes to combine her favorites into one long song, and you never really know where one ended and the next began. Her favorites include, "Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" "Old MacDonald" (who only has a cow in her world), and "The Farmer in the Dell." Hopefully we can add some Christmas carols to her repertoire soon. 

{mailing} Christmas cards. I have the cards but haven't actually started mailing them yet, but hopefully soon! Sending Christmas cards is something that can easily become stressful for me--finding the perfect card, deciding on photos for the card, etc. but lately I've decided to just keep it super simple. Instead of worrying about the perfect picture, I just chose one of all four of us that I really liked, even though it was from the summer and not very "Christmasy." 

{decorating} our Christmas tree. Over the weekend we went and got a tree, and Jona had a blast putting on all the ornaments. I have quite a few from my childhood, and Aaron got ornaments from his grandparents every year, and since we've been married and had kids we've added even more to our ornament collections. On both sides of the family the kids get Christmas ornaments each year, and combine that with ones they have made, our tree is overflowing with ornaments! I love it. 

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What have you been up to at the start of this festive month? 

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