Fall Trunk Club Review

I tried Trunk Club for the first time in the spring (review here), and although I only purchased one item, I enjoyed the service. It's similar to Stitch Fix, but they send a lot more items; I had twelve items in my trunk this time. There is a $25 styling fee, but that fee goes towards anything you purchase. I figure that with the number of items they send, the odds are good that there will be at least one thing I want to keep.

This time I requested layering pieces for fall and sweaters, but didn't have any other specific requests. I also asked my stylist Katy to try to work with my budget as much as possible--that was my biggest complaint about my last trunk. Everything in it was so expensive! I only had a short window of time when I was able to take photos, and I'm not happy with the quality of these. Regardless, here's what I got in my fall trunk.

Jane and the Shoe Lindsey Bootie in blush - $90

When I saw these in the preview I thought they were tan, so I was pleasantly surprised by the blush color. It's fun yet surprisingly versatile. However, the fit wasn't quite right, they felt a little loose (these are my regular size, nine). The smaller size may have fit, but I wasn't crazy about the hardware on the side. Returned. 

Billabong Beachy Nights Wrap - $50

This has the look and feel of a giant scarf, but there are cut-outs to make it more of a wrap. Whatever you call it, it is A LOT of fabric. Too much fabric for me. I'm sure belting it would help it not look so overwhelming, but I just didn't like it that much. Returned

I know it's really hard to see this one well, but the draping of this basic black top is really pretty and flattering. It drapes from the shoulder down to the side, and there is shirring on the side as well. For Trunk Club, this is also a great price--I really appreciated that Katy did keep my budget in mind. However, while I loved the fit and style of this top, I didn't love the jersey fabric. I don't know why, it's just not my favorite. Had it been the same style in a tee shirt material, I would have kept it for sure. Returned

This feels like a basic long-sleeved tee shirt, but the shirring and bow-detail on the side make it a little special. I also love the rust color, which feels so much like fall to me. The fit is great; it's fitted but not too tight. This was a keeper! Kept

This is a thick, cable-knit cardigan with a tie-waist. It's thick and cozy, but not at all itchy. I like the slightly oversized fit too, because it's loose enough to layer underneath. What held me back from purchasing this cardigan was the price. I just think I could find a chunky black cardigan I like just as much for a lot less. Returned.

BP Plaid Flannel Shirt - $49

This is a classic plaid shirt that's a great staple for fall. I like the way it fit and the softness of the flannel. I liked it, but I didn't love it enough to spend $50 on it. Returned

I get that this is a trend right now. But I just can't. I didn't hate them as much on as I thought I would, but I still didn't like them. Returned

Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Jeans - $98

I do like a high waist, but these were a little too high for me. Otherwise, I did love the fit of these, along with the raw hem. In fact, I probably could have lived with the super high waist had they been in black or dark denim. However, they were acid wash gray. Again, I know this is a trend, but no. It is just not for me. Returned

I love the look of a faux leather jacket, and it is something I've been wanting to add to my closet. I like this style, and the fit is perfect (this one is a medium). I love color, but for a jacket like this I prefer black or gray. I just don't think red would be as versatile, so this one had to go back. Returned

This isn't something I would have ever picked up and tried on, so I love how Trunk Club pushes me out of my comfort zone a bit (or a little too much, see the mom jeans above). I like the look and fit of the sweater--the stars are kind of fun and funky. However, I cannot stand a sweater that is even the slightest bit itchy, and this one was. Returned

These perforated black booties are a great style for fall, and I did like them. I do have a pair of black ankle boots already, although they don't fit quite right so I'm keeping an eye out for a replacement pair. I considered these and am willing to spend a bit more on great shoes, but I want a pair that I can wear with socks when it's cold out, and the low cut-outs on this pair just won't work for that. Returned

This scarf was SO soft. I would love it as a blanket. While the size is considerably smaller than a blanket scarf, the thickness was rather blanket-like. It felt really big on, and like way too much fabric. I do get cold easily, but I also don't like having too much fabric around my neck. Light layers are much more comfortable to me than a big, heavy scarf. The color and feel of this scarf were really pretty, but I knew I wouldn't wear it much. Returned

Although I only purchased one item, I'm glad I ordered this second trunk from Trunk Club. It's a service that is really fun to try, and if you're on the fence I do encourage you to try it. I don't see myself ordering another trunk anytime soon, although I won't say I'll never try it again. For my current budget and lifestyle though, it's just not a good fit for me. 

Based on the two experiences I've had, I felt like I either liked just about everything I got but didn't like the prices, or I thought the prices were reasonable yet I didn't love the items. Since I'm pretty picky about what I buy, for now I'll stick to doing my own shopping. I'm glad I tried it though! 

Have you ever tried Trunk Club? 

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