Striped Skirt with Embellished Tee and Bright Slides

I wore this to church this weekend, which felt like the calm before the storm. We had a nice, relaxing weekend, but this week is jam-packed full of crazy. I'm traveling to Rhode Island for work, then I come back for my first in-person library class of the fall semester, which meets Friday night and all day Saturday. Poor Aaron is going to need a break too after solo parenting all week. Usually Jona and Violet balance each other out; their challenging times don't often overlap. Right now though, our house is a circus. Jona is taking out all his feelings about the newness of kindergarten on us at home, which means, among other things, bedtime has once again become a battle zone. Not to be outdone, Violet has fully entered the stage of tantrums. You tell her no and see smoke coming out of her ears. And she is a button-pusher through and through. Yep, Aaron will be more than ready for me to be back.

Anyway, that's my life story. On to the clothes...  My go-to look for the skirt I'm wearing is how I styled it in this post, but I felt like changing it up a little this weekend. I added my favorite coral slides and an embellished tee for a slightly more dressed up feel, but with no loss in comfort. This skirt is so comfortable and versatile, I'm hoping to be able to make it work this fall too. I can't even believe that it's time to start thinking about that!

A quick PSA: things may be a bit quieter/less frequently updated around here as I try to get through this crazy week and also figure out a new normal with a new job, grad school, and kindergarten (I realize that I'M not in kindergarten but I swear it's been harder on me!).

Navy embellished tee: J. Crew via ThredUp (fun fringe tee for a steal) | striped midi skirt: J. Crew Factory | earrings: Nickel and Suede | coral slides: Target (these are SO comfy)

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