Little Black Dress with Blush

The last time I wore this dress, I fancied it up with bold jewelry and bright shoes for a wedding. For church on Sunday, I wanted to give it a more laid back feel, so I added my denim jacket and blush pink mules. Adding the jacket and swapping sandals for mules also gives it a "fall transition" vibe as well, although my thought was more "AC survival" since it's still a sweltering 95 plus degrees here.

After being gone for most of the week last week, I spent the weekend trying to catch up on rest and family time. I also decided to drop the class I was enrolled in, because my plate just felt overloaded. I'm normally the type to put my head down and power through, but usually all that ends up getting me is stress. I'm not sure where I stand now regarding my in-process library science master's, but I do know that my sanity thanks me.

Do you keep your schedule pretty busy or do you like to leave plenty of room in the margin? 

Denim jacket: Gap (similar) | black dress: Loft | gold earrings: Nickel and Suede | necklace: Jane (similar) | blush mules: Target

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