Casual Summer Look: Black, White, and Blush

I may be cutting back a bit on blog posts right now, but I want to continue to make style posts a regular thing. Style is still one of my favorite things to read about, find inspiration for, and share about. Yet (as I shared in my last style post) I find a lot of my summer looks to be, well, kind of boring. Or at least pretty formulaic and repetitive.

In an effort to keep it real around here, I'll share a recent less-than-exciting summer look. I wore this to help in Jona's classroom at church over the weekend, although I've worn some combination of this look pretty often all summer. I love skirts and dresses, but sometimes (especially during kid-centered activities) only pants will do. These white jeans have been on repeat since spring, I just swap out one printed top for another, and another.

For me what makes this look a little more interesting is the shoes. I just love the color combination of black and white with a pop of blush pink. Violet, my budding fashionista, chose the necklace when rummaging around (yay!) in my closet. "Necklace, mama!" I have to admit, the girl has good taste--she picked one that really does work. It's possible that it was one on her eye level and a familiar one that I let her wear/play with, but I'll choose to believe that she just has an eye for style. ;)

What's one of your go-to outfit formulas this summer? 

Black striped tank: Target (fun twist-hem option) | white jeans: Old Navy | earrings: Nickel and Suede | necklace: Mama and Little | blush sneakers: Target

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