July Goals and June Wins

This year, inspired by Gretchen Rubin's book, I've been doing a Happiness Project, focusing on one important aspect of my life every month. Last month I focused on friendship, and July is all about money. The idea is that the months should build on one another and the habits formed in one month should continue into the next and so on. Each month I share my wins from the previous month, as well as goals that fit the theme of the current month.

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{june wins}

Considering many of my goals related to friendship were fairly vague, I think I did okay this month. I did try to keep friends and loved ones at the forefront of my mind this month, and I hope to continue to find ways to make my friends (and family) feel loved and valued. I still struggle to be more generous with my time, so I want to continue to work on that.

- Made an effort to stay in touch with friends. Sometimes I'm that friend who takes days to respond to texts, so I really tried to respond more quickly and keep our conversations flowing.

- Valued people over tasks. This was one of my big goals for the month, and I'd say that overall I did a pretty good job of this. Even when I felt like I had a lot to do, I took advantage of opportunities to spend time with friends. I tried to go with the flow more and remind myself to embrace flexibility.

{non-friendship wins}

- Read 8 books. 

- Took a family vacation to Dallas. 

- Found a better way to organize and listen to podcasts. I am a huge podcast-lover and have always just used the Apple Podcast app to listen. However, while (of course) listening a podcast, I learned about the Overcast app for podcasts. I LOVE this app! It allows you to create playlists from the podcasts you subscribe to. I like to organize my podcasts by theme (books, motivation, self-care, etc.) and then create a playlist for each theme. It makes it easier find what I'm looking for and to listen to something I'm in the mood for, rather than just listening to whatever's up next chronologically. It's free too, which is even better.

{july goals}

This month I'm focusing on money. At 35 years old I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I'm not great with money. This month I'd like to work to better manage our current finances as well as plan for the future. I don't think one month will be enough to get me where I'd like to be, but it's my hope that it will get me started in a better direction.

- Focus on savings. 

- Organize and consolidate information for retirement savings from current and past jobs. 

- Reassess "big picture" financial goals and priorities with Aaron. 

- Create a visual reminder to help us stay on budget and on track with our financial goals. 

- Read You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero, and Smart Money, Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey if I can.  

What are your goals for July? Did you have any good wins in June? 

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