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Happy July 4th to all, and happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! I may not love the direction we're moving politically, and I may question the decision-making of our current administration, but I do feel very thankful to live where I do.

Since it's the first Wednesday of the month, I'm joining Anne and her co-host this month Shelly to share what I'm currently up to now that we've flipped the calendar to a new month.

{currently: july}

{celebrating} an anniversary, a birthday, and new jobs. This month has so much to celebrate! Aaron and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on July 1, and Aaron's birthday is on the 5th. Also, we are both celebrating new jobs! Aaron is moving to a new district in the fall, and while he will still be in the classroom, in this school he will have more opportunities to gain counseling experience. I have accepted a position as an education coach at a local Primrose School that will open in January. I won't start until closer to then, but I'm very much looking forward to the change.

{visiting} a new baseball stadium in Dallas. For the past few years we've planned our vacations around baseball stadiums, and we were excited to see the Texas Rangers Globe Life Park stadium in Arlington last month. I've come to love baseball as an adult, but even as a less than enthusiastic fan I've always enjoyed going to games. There's something so magical about being at a stadium and sitting in the stands, and the excellent seats we had this time around made it feel all the more wonderful. Plus, they were in the shade which was a big deal in the Texas heat!

{baking} banana bread. I've been on quite a banana bread kick lately! It's so easy to make and it's an easy breakfast option that everyone in my family loves--even if it doesn't last long.

{wearing} shorts and white jeans. It is HOT here so I'm glad I started off summer with two new pairs of shorts to freshen up my selection.  However, three days a week I'm working in my cold office, where I'm wearing my white jeans on repeat. Usually with a denim jacket too, because AC.

{loving} my summer class. The library class I'm taking this summer is Resources and Services for Early Learners, and it's all about how to serve children from birth to age five at the library. From storytime resources to picture book recommendations, everything I'm learning in that class is a delight. While I may not be moving into a library position (just yet), I think what I'm learning here will also serve me well at and tie in perfectly with the early childhood setting I'll be moving to soon.

What have you been up to so far this month? 

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