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Can summer be both laid-back and busy at the same time? That's how it's felt so far. Other than my work schedule and summer class deadlines, the timeline for most of our summer activities has been "whenever we feel like it". At the same time, we've already fit in a lot of activities and adventures, so summer feels plenty busy, without feeling rushed. So far, I like it, as long as I get quiet days regularly. I definitely need time to recharge.

I'm joining Anne and her co-host this month Sarah to share what I'm currently up to in June.

{traveling} to Dallas and Arlington Texas later this month. We're on a mission to visit a baseball stadium every summer and have so far been to St. Louis and Minneapolis. Our next stop is Arlington, Texas to see a Rangers game. We'll be there for a few days, so if anyone has suggestions for family-friendly destinations or delicious food in the Dallas or Arlington area send them my way!

{grilling} hot dogs and corn on the cob. I don't eat hot dogs often, but since it's something both of my kids will (usually) eat, we decided to grill some with corn on the cob for our Memorial Day dinner. It felt like an all-American meal. Aaron has a smoker that he enjoys using, so I hope to enjoy even more smoked and grilled dinners this summer. (And I can't complain about getting a night off from cooking!)

{exploring} new-to-us local tastes and destinations. I love being a tourist in my own town, finding new places to eat and explore. Aaron and I both had a day off recently and decided to have a "day date". We went to the Lenexa Public Market, a fairly new place that hosts several local vendors of both food and goods. I had some thai pizza from Topp'd, and Aaron got ribs from Mad Man's BBQ. It was fun to each try something different under the same roof.

{planting} seeds of change. So cheesy, right? But guys, I don't plant stuff. Anyway, Aaron and I are both hoping for some career changes in the near future. He's setting his sights on a position as a high school counselor, and I keep putting my name in for various library jobs, as well as another education-related job in the early childhood space. We both feel ready for a change.

{playing} in the sprinklers. Add a sprinkler to an ordinary yard and you have a magical summer kids activity, right? This summer has already been HOT so turning on the sprinklers has been a lifesaver! Also, it's nothing new but we've also been playing a lot of baseball at our house. Jona started a summer baseball program last Friday, and while it was a little overwhelming for him at first (SO MANY KIDS!) I think he will enjoy it. Plus he's been telling us he needs to "practice" so he wants us to pitch to him whenever possible, and watch him do his "fast run" which Violet hilariously imitates right behind him.

What have you been up to this month? 

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