$10 at Target: Dollar Spot Haul

Do you like to write handwritten notes? I'd like to send more snail mail just for fun, but don't normally think to unless I have a purpose. I do try to send thank you notes though, and I noticed that my stash of cards was running a little low.

During my last Target run I thought I'd cruise the dollar section for a few more notes to add to my supply. While I was there I found a few more things I couldn't pass up.

I picked up two sets of notecards for $1 each. They're both bright and colorful, and one set is specifically for thank yous, and the other could be used for anything.

I also found these big rubber bands that can go around a small notebook or planner (also $1). I'm hoping they fit my planner so that I don't have to worry about loose papers falling out. Another planner accessory I chose was this set of sticky notes for $1; I'm trying to do better at remembering birthdays this month, so I thought I could use the little flags to mark dates in my planner.

I found some highlighters for $3, and decided to get those because I need some more for my summer class--I like to highlight and hated "wasting" my planner mildliners to highlight a textbook.

Finally, I couldn't resist this cute tote that I'm planning to use for library books (also $3). I'd been using one of our reusable bags that I use for groceries, but I'd like to have a dedicated library tote bag. We'll see if this one will be big enough...

I didn't stray from the dollar spot this month, but I think I got quite a bit for $10! Have you found any treasures at Target lately? 

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  1. Target bins are so delightful! I’m loving no all the 4th of July stuff they have right now. I am with you, snail mail is the best. You got some adorable stuff!


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