Currently: May

While I wasn't in a hurry to leave my favorite month behind, I'm looking forward to what's in store for May. Boys golf season winding down means that Aaron will be home more (and I won't be outnumbered during the dinnertime crankies). I'm also starting my online library science class this month: Resources and Services for Early Learners. Finally, Jona has his preschool graduation this month, and although it's a little silly how much of a "thing" they make it, it's exciting (and bittersweet) to think that in the fall he will be starting a brand new stage of school-age life.

That's what I'm looking forward to, but as always I want to share the things we've been up to lately. I'm joining Anne and Carrie today to talk about all the things I'm currently up to.

{currently: may}

{celebrating} turning a year older. My 35 at 35 list has helped me look more positively at this whole "closer-to-40" situation. We celebrated with an impromptu Mexican food dinner out (impromptu because Aaron got done with a golf tournament unexpectedly early that day) and then a more "official" birthday brunch out over the weekend. Two birthday meals out? Celebration indeed.

{creating} plans and traditions with my girl gang. I have a group of girlfriends whose friendship dates back to our junior high days. We've always kept in touch, but in the last couple of years we've made it a point to schedule regular (at least twice a year) girls' day get-togethers. In the fall we went to a couple of local wineries for wine-tastings, and this past weekend we went to a Royals game together. If we can meet for the occasional dinner out between outings, that's great, but if not, we know we can at least look forward to catching up during our bi-annual girls' days.

{wearing} all the spring things. Finally! After grumbling about the cold weather for the first half three quarters of April, it finally warmed up enough to start wearing the new spring clothes I recently bought. I treated myself to a pedicure and broke out my sandals, and on Monday even bared my white legs under a skirt!

{sharing} books on Instagram. I'm rarely on Facebook, have pretty much given up on Twitter, and am over Snapchat. Yet for some reason, I still have all the heart eyes for Instagram. (But will someone please tell me how to do Stories? Why is this beyond me?) I usually share my office outfits, blog updates, and other fun life and family updates. However, in the past year or so I've also been sharing my books on Instagram as well. Typically I choose a quote I like to go along with my photo, since I share ratings and reviews on my monthly reading recap on the blog.

{going} outside! After what felt like the longest winter EVER it has been absolutely glorious to open up our back door and take the kids outside to play! Jona loves setting up his bases and playing baseball (and having me pitch--badly--to him as much as possible) and Violet loves to kick soccer balls (maybe that will be her sport?), push the toy mower, and play with rocks.

What have you been up to lately? 


  1. Gosh it feels good to finally be able to get outside. Have a wonderful Wednesday pretty lady.

  2. Yes, I have to agree that May has been amazing so far as the weather goes! Hope it stays that way!


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