$10 at Target: Inexpensive Home Spruce-Up

Since learning about the $10 at Target linkup, hosted by Becky of byBMG and several other lovely bloggers, I have loved the idea of giving myself a bit of "fun money" to spend there on whatever catches my eye. However, by nature I am a terrible decision maker and am paralyzed by too much choice. Give me $10 and ALL of Target and I'll wander the aisles for hours, picking things up and setting them down until people (specifically, my family) start to question my sanity.

To make this little challenge work for me I try to stick with a theme every month, and this year I've been letting my Happiness Project be my guide. Since this month I'm focusing on my home, I accepted the challenge of finding a couple of things to spruce up my house for just $10.

Well. Target is a budget shopper's paradise, but it is not easy to find home decor for less than ten bucks! Not one to be easily defeated though (I'm a stubborn Taurus), I did manage to find a couple of things to refresh my house while sticking with the $10 budget.

The first thing I found was a candle in a yummy, summery scent. It gets bonus points because it coordinates with our living room decor that is in shades of yellow and teal.

I also picked up these cute salt and pepper shakers. Our poor dining room is badly in need of a paint job (who paints a chair rail glossy black? thanks previous owners) but since I haven't had time to paint, I've been trying to do little things here and there to get that room the way I like it. We reupholstered our dining room chairs and I bought new placemats. I hope we can do some painting this summer, but I thought these salt and pepper shakers would spruce up our table in the meantime.

What are the ways you update your home when you don't want to spend a lot of money? Have you found any fun Target finds lately?

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