Spring Shopping Reviews: Old Navy, J. Crew Factory, and American Eagle

Last month I shared an online spring shopping haul, which kicked off a bit of a spring shopping extravaganza. As usual, I shopped sales and tried to only buy the things I needed (with a few exceptions, of course), and I'm pretty happy with what I got for my money.

Since my last review post got a pretty good response, I thought I'd share round two of my spring purchases, sub-par iPhone photos and all. (Please forgive my dirty mirror--yikes! and cluttered background. That ugly chair and ottoman is in my room from my pumping days and needs to go...) Here are a few recent spring purchases from Old Navy, J. Crew Factory, and American Eagle.

{Old Navy Finds}

Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans in Bright White - 6 reg (styled here)

I bought these hoping I'd like them more than the Gap pair I ended up sending back because I didn't like the cropped length. I kept these and have worn them a few times, but I'm starting to wish I had worn them around the house more before deciding. I do like how they look and I like that they're full-length, but I don't think the fit is great. They do stretch out a little in the waist and I find myself pulling them up, but I think it is more of a fit issue than a stretching issue. I really don't want to be walking around in white jeans that are too small, so when the waist of these felt a tiny bit loose I ignored it. I was so afraid of them being too tight (because who wants to be the person wearing too tight WHITE jeans?) that I bought them even though they're a bit too big in the waist. (I like the legs though, and I think sizing down would make them tight everywhere.) They'll work for now though. Verdict: Kept. With a few regrets. 

Twill Field Jacket for Women in Army Camo - Medium 

I've had a lightweight olive cargo-style jacket, also from Old Navy, for years. It's been my go-to spring jacket since forever, but I've literally started to wear it out. Being the boring practical person that I am I planned to buy a nearly identical but less beat-up version to replace it. However, I decided to take a walk on the wild side (ha!) and go for this camo version instead. I sized up to a medium, and I like the looser fit that allows for the much-needed layers for this crazy spring. Verdict: Kept.

Relaxed Tie-Sleeve Boat-Neck Black Stripe Tee - Small

I don't think it's possible to have too many striped shirts, and I couldn't pass up the little tie-sleeve detail on this one. Fun sleeves are really having a moment right now, aren't they? I like the fit of this one too--it's fitted but not tight and the material has a good weight and isn't see-through. Old Navy has been impressing me lately! Verdict: kept. 

Jersey-Knit Sleeveless Swing in Blue Stripe - Small

Just like you can't have too many striped shirts, I feel similarly about striped dresses. I love dresses in the spring and summer and this one looked perfect for dressing up or down. I have a long sleeve version of a swing dress from Old Navy from a couple of years ago and I love it, but I think I have it in a medium. This one, while I think it's really cute, is just a little too short for my comfort. Sizing up would probably give me the length I wanted, but, as is usually the case with dresses, the top would have been too big. Verdict: returned. 

{J. Crew Factory Finds}

Peplum Top in Black - Small (styled here)

J. Crew Factory was having a buy one get one free sale on their tops, and I just couldn't pass that up. I've been wanting more "dressy tees" in my wardrobe--shirts that feel like tee shirts but have a little bit of a fancy element--and the peplum detail on this was just the thing I was looking for. I like the weight of this top; it may be a little hot in the summer but for right now I think it's perfect. Verdict: kept.

Tie-Front Wrap T-Shirt in Tawny Pink - Small

I know this is always the case, but this one looked so cute on the model! I think the wrap style is so fun and plus BLUSH! I can't get enough. But when I tried it on it just didn't look right. I'd have to wear a camisole underneath (because even with my lack of cleavage that is just NOT happening) and I just didn't like how it looked. Bummer. Verdict: returned. 

Bow-sleeve Top in Dark Coral White - small

I went to a nearby J. Crew Factory store to exchange the wrap top for another top. I was hoping they would have this one in stock, because this is the one I almost bought and changed it out for the wrap style at the last minute. It was love at first try-on. I love the color. I love the dramatic bell sleeves. I love the little arm ties. But... I don't love when those cute little ties come untied and I'm awkwardly trying to tie a one-handed bow in my office... Other than that though, I love this top. Verdict: bought. 

Striped Skirt in Navy Stripe - size 6

My plan was to get in and out of the store buying nothing but a top to replace the one I was returning. But then I saw this skirt... They were having a crazy good sale and I just couldn't go home without it. I love the navy vertical stripes and the slightly longer, but still flattering length (although maybe not with these ankle boots). I know I will wear this a ton. Verdict: guiltily bought. 

Tie-Waist Pocket T-Shirt in White - small

I picked this up to try on in case the pink bell-sleeve shirt didn't work. I've seen this top, or similar ones, on other bloggers and I think it looks cute. For some reason though, I just don't love it on me.  Thankfully, I did love the pink top so it was an easy decision to put this one back. Verdict: didn't buy. 

{American Eagle finds}

AE Denim X High-Waisted Jegging in Deep Sea Blue - 6 regular

American Eagle was having a buy one get one 50% off sale on jeans. I've been hearing really good things about their jeans, and I needed a couple of pairs. I decided to try this jegging style to replace a pair of really old, stretched out jeggings I have. Let me tell you, I LOVE these jeans. I know this photo is not great but I also wore them in this blog post. They are perfectly stretchy without stretching out, and they are snug all around without being uncomfortably tight. These are for sure my new favorite jeans. Verdict: kept for sure. 

Tomgirl Jean in Bright Vintage - 6 regular

I'd like to find a pair of boyfriend-style jeans that aren't super loose and baggy. With the exception of a pair of boot-cut jeans, all the jeans I own are skinny jeans, and I'd like a different option. However, I don't want a ripped up, baggy pair; I just don't like that style on me. I thought this looked like a nice option, but it just didn't work for me. They are really loose in the hips and thighs and I don't like the way they taper down. I also don't like the cropped length; I'd prefer to have the option of rolling to make them cropped, but longer to begin with. I would prefer them to be a little straighter overall instead of the shape they are--to me they feel like a "mom" jean, and not in a good way. Verdict: returned. 

Have you done any spring shopping lately? 

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