Spring Shopping Reviews: Gap, Old Navy, and ThredUp

In the past several years, the content here has shifted from a focus on style with a few other topics thrown in here and there, to a little bit of everything with occasional style posts. While I would say that I shop quite a bit less than your average style blogger, I still do love clothes and sharing my personal style, even if it's not as often.

One type of post that I love to read that's common on style blogs is clothing reviews or try-on sessions. I don't know why, but I love these kinds of posts, even if I'm not in the market for anything the blogger is actually trying on. Therefore, when I happen to have a little haul of things I've been shopping for, I love to share my reviews with you in the same way.

Here are a few items I recently ordered online for spring from Gap, Old Navy, and (less helpful but still fun to share) ThredUp.

{Gap Finds}

Gap Pleated Midi Skirt in Pink - Medium Petite

This is the skirt I ordered for Easter, and I love everything about the idea of a blush pink pleated midi skirt. I don't love the midi length on me though, so I ordered a petite size in the hope that it wouldn't be quite as long, maybe just below my knees. However, not only is the skirt still firmly in midi territory, it's also not the right size. I'm usually a small at Gap, but I thought the petite size would run smaller, so I sized up. I wanted it to sit higher on my waist and that's not where it fit me. While I do love this one on the model, it's just not right on me. I'm starting to think that midis just aren't my thing. Verdict: returned. 

Gap Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans in White - 28 regular

I am on the hunt for white jeans to replace a pair I have that doesn't fit quite right. I do like the fit of these and the fact that they don't seem overly see-through. However, I didn't read the description well enough because I am looking for a full-length pair and these are cropped. I'm okay with an ankle length but these are a little too short for what I had in mind.  Verdict: returned. I just ordered a pair from Old Navy so I may share another haul here soon.

Also, funny story, I intended to order another pair of white jeans in a different style to compare (and up my chances of finding some I like). I did a search and filtered out my size. Well, it turns out that I accidentally clicked on the "girls" tab because I sure did get a pair of tiny little white jeans in a girls size 6. So, those went back.

{Old Navy Finds}

Old Navy Mid Rise Pixie Chinos in Dried Herb - 6 regular

Another thing I've been looking for are olive green pants. I love the fit of these and the light olive color that is perfect for spring. These will be easy to dress up or down, and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them. Verdict: kept. 

Old Navy Relaxed Cold Shoulder Slub Knit Top in White Floral - Small

I love the look of off-the-shoulder tops but they're not very practical for my lifestyle. I thought the subtle cold shoulder style of this top would be much more wearable. Plus, I couldn't resist the pretty floral print for spring. Verdict: kept. 

Old Navy Lace Up Yoke Swing Top in Creme de la Creme - Small

The lesson I learned from this online ordering-fest is that I really need to pay closer attention to descriptions, and not just how it looks on the model. I ordered this thinking it would be closer to white, and it is definitely more ivory. (In my defense though, doesn't it look white?!) Despite the color, I ended up liking this top. The neckline is fun, and it's also not too sheer. The length is a bit longer than what I prefer, but it can easily be partially tucked or knotted. I'd like to find more tops like this one that are as comfortable as a t-shirt but with fun details like a criss-cross neck or a knotted bottom. Verdict: kept. 

Old Navy Sleeveless Tie-Neck Shift Dress in Navy Floral - Small 

This is the dress I wore for my Easter Style post on Monday, and I'm hoping weather will allow me to wear it for the real deal on Sunday. I love the colors and pattern of this dress, and it's one I can definitely see myself wearing again and again throughout spring and summer. I thought the neckline was a little low, but I'll just wear a camisole underneath. Verdict: kept. 

{ThredUp Finds}

No Comment Cardigan in Green - Medium

I thought this looked like a cozy cardigan that would work for the chillier days of early spring, but online the color looked more gray than green. I don't mind the color, but overall I just didn't love this one. The sleeves are too long, and I didn't like the way that the front kept falling open to show the inner pockets. This just wasn't quite right for me. Verdict: returned. 

Loft Short Sleeve Blouse in Light Blue - Small

I think this color is so pretty, and I don't have very much of it in my closet. I like the fit and the eyelet details which meet my "dressed up tee" criteria. However, the lace details on the sleeves made them itchy, and I just can't abide itchy clothes. I almost kept this one, but after trying on the second time I just couldn't get past those sleeves. Verdict: returned. 

Have you done any spring shopping lately? How do you feel about midi skirts? 

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