Blush and Navy for Easter: Mommy and Me Style

We took Jona and Violet to an Easter egg hunt at our church over the weekend, and it was a lot of fun. Jona is excited about the Easter bunny and is all business when it comes to looking for eggs. Violet is at an age where she loves picking things up and putting them into containers (and then dumping everything out and starting again), so she loved "finding" eggs.

I'm glad we usually do our own Easter egg hunts indoors, because it seems like we never get good weather on Easter. Last year it snowed, and this year it's supposed to be chilly and rainy.

At our house, we the Easter bunny (of course) just hides eggs around one area of our house. I never thought about counting the eggs to make sure we got them all, and I remember growing up and finding random well-hidden eggs a day or two later. Last year, Aaron asked me how many Jona was supposed to find, and I had no idea. It's just funny how everyone does things a little differently. What's it like at your house (or when you were a child)? 

I love picking out Easter clothes for the kids; it's fun to coordinate them (and let's face it, me too). I may have to add tights or boots to Violet's and my dresses, but I still think we'll look springy. I had another outfit in mind for me, but the skirt I ordered didn't end up working. I'm slightly obsessed with all things blush pink right now, so I used blush and navy as our main colors.

Poor Violet bit it pretty hard on our driveway so this is the way our photo shoot ended. I'll give her some credit, she did skin her knee, but this is also the cry face she makes when we take something away from her. She's dramatic to the core.

And with that, happy Monday! Ha! 

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