$10 at Target: Office Space Spruce-Up

If you work outside your home, do you decorate your work space? I've had the same job for almost four years now, and very little has changed in my office during that time. I'm not great when it comes to decorating at home, so at work, decorating falls to the very bottom of the priority list.

However, I was looking at the bookcase in my office, and thinking about how I could at least add a little personality there. In particular, one of the shelves has a framed quote that's been there since before I was there, and a floral print box that holds keys. Every time I look at that shelf, I cringe, because neither of those items is to my taste. Why have I left them there for so long?

Since I'm focusing on work this month, I decided to pick up a few things to spruce up my bookshelf a bit so that it's no longer (such) an eyesore.

To replace the ugly floral print key box, I bought this cute ceramic canister ($5) instead. I keep a lot of spare keys in my office, so the box had a function, I just didn't enjoy looking at it. I also picked up this cute little faux succulent ($3) to go on the shelf as well. My track record at keeping plants alive is pretty embarrassing, but you can't kill a fake one! 

I also picked up this simple wood photo frame for $1.99. I like the idea of having a framed quote on my shelf, I just didn't particularly like the one that was there. Actually, it was the font and color I didn't like. So instead I found a quote online (about books, because of course) and created an image using PicMonkey. I printed it with my photo printer, and now I have a quote that I love to inspire me every day. 

I think having these items on my shelf instead of what was there before will make my office feel a little more like me. 

How do you make your workspace feel more like you? 

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