TBB Asks: All About Love

I had originally planned a style post for today, but I wimped out due to snow and cold weather. Luckily I saw that the ladies at The Blended Blog posted their questions for this month's TBB Asks for today, which is all about love.

1. Kisses or hugs? Um, it depends on who? Hugs I guess, although I'm not a big hugger either, except for with my kids who I probably drive crazy trying to snuggle all the time. If we're talking Hershey's, Kisses all the way.

2. Candy or flowers? I do love chocolate, but I think getting flowers feels so special. There's a local florist that Aaron goes to occasionally, and the arrangements are so gorgeous.

3. Baking or cooking? I enjoy both, but if I have the time I prefer to bake. Cooking usually feels so rushed at my house when I have two hungry kids at my feet. Baking is much more relaxing.

4. Do you remember your first kiss? Yes, I remember it being incredibly awkward. I also remember worrying that I was doing it wrong.

5. Favorite color of roses? Dark pink. However, my flower of choice is a sunflower.

6. Conversation hearts, yes or no? No, I think they taste like chalk! But I do like the Sweet-Tarts ones.

7. Do you leave love notes? Not very often, I should do that more!

8. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? No, I don't. I do like to buy little treats for Jona and Violet though, and make them heart-shaped food.

9. Red or pink? Pink is my favorite, but I like them together for Valentine's Day.

10. White, milk, or dark chocolate? Dark chocolate all the way!

11. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really. I believe in attraction, but I think love is something you work at.

12. Do you give humorous or serious Valentine cards? Usually if I give Aaron a Valentine card, it's more of a serious one or just a love note. We don't always exchange cards for Valentine's Day though. These days I'm thinking more about kids valentines. Jona is giving Star Wars valentines to his classmates at preschool. (I went the non-Pinteresty route this year... I found them at Aldi. #winning)

13. Favorite chick flick or romantic movie? Dirty Dancing is my all-time favorite, but I also love Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, and Love Actually.

14. Stay in or go out? On actual Valentine's Day I like to stay in and have a fun dinner with my family. Usually around Valentine's Day (but not the actual day), Aaron and I try to go out to dinner.

My loves!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Or do you at all? 

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  1. I agree on staying in for VD. Taking care of the kids VD is important I think. I need to work on love notes too.

  2. The kiddos are so precious! I just st loved reading your answers and now I want to watch Dirty Dancing again!


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