Last 10 Photos from My Phone

I remember seeing a post like this last year on Anne's blog and mentally filing it away as a fun blog post idea. After planning a food post and then failing to take photos of said food, this idea came to mind as one I was already prepared for.

Looking at my phone's camera roll, it's a pretty good representation of the things I love: lots of photos of my kids, some book-related shots, and an outfit here and there. If Aaron didn't hate being photographed I'd probably have more of him in that mix as well.

Here are the last 10 or so photos on my phone (with the exception of duplicates and soon-to-be-deleted blurry pics).

1. Office outfit of the day. On days that I'm in the office I usually snap a shot of my outfit to share on Instagram. I don't blog about my style as regularly as I once did, but if you follow me there (I'm @shealennon) you'll see my outfits a few times a week. I'd like to be better about sharing some weekend style as well.

2. Couch snuggles. Violet's current favorite thing is being up on the couch and bouncing around. Jona was up there with her and she was giving him the sweetest snuggles and kisses! My heart was melting as I tried to get a picture.

3. Party in my crib! One time when I was getting Violet up from her nap I picked up Jona and put him in her crib. Now every time I get her up he asks to go in there. I don't do it too often (is there a weight limit? Are they going to break the thing?) but every now and then I let them play in there for a minute.

4. The Futilitarians. I also share my books on Instagram and this is the shot I took of the audiobook I recently finished, The Futilitarians by Anne Gisleson.

5. Fun in the cart. On Monday Aaron and I were both off but Jona's preschool was open, so we had a day with just Violet, which doesn't happen too often. We had fun running errands and getting lunch.

6. Quote to remember. I'm reading The Librarian of Auschwitz and came across a quote I wanted to save and record in my reading journal so I snapped a pic. I usually add quotes once I finish the book (because sometimes I need to pare down what I saved).

7. Chicken Spiedini Date. Aaron and I recently went to one of our favorite local Italian restaurants, Garozzo's, who is famous for their chicken spiedini. Despite the terrible lighting, I had to take a picture of the meal I'm still thinking about. I can never decide between two kinds they have, one with lots of garlic and lemon and another in a spicy diablo I got half and half. Yum!

8. George Saunders at the Kansas City Library. I went to see George Sanders present Lincoln in the Bardo, an event put on by a local independent bookstore and the Kansas City Public Library. It was packed and I had to sit pretty far back, but I'm glad I got to go. He was a great speaker and I enjoyed hearing more about his writing process.

9. Valentine's Day art. Aaron was able to go to part of Jona's Valentine's Day party at his preschool and he sent me this picture of him painting a heart. He is focusing so intensely, I love it.

10. I love you, you love me. For Valentine's Day Violet's daycare provider gave her this little stuffed Barney and she sent me this picture. She loves Barney (or "Baahhdee!" as she calls him) and carries him around and pats his back.

What have you been taking pictures of lately? 

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