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Happy February! We're one month closer to spring. Right? As always, I'm joining Anne for the monthly currently link-up. Here's what I've been up to currently.

{finishing} all the books. Lately I've been reading a non-fiction book in the morning, a novel in my down time, and also listening to an audio book when I'm doing laundry or other mindless tasks in the evening. Earlier this month the reading stars aligned and I finished all three books I was reading (Stitches by Anne Lamott, Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman, and Four Seasons in Rome by Anthony Doerr) on the same day.

{subscribing} to a new (to me) podcast, The Librarian Is In. This one is from the New York Public Library, and you guessed it, it's hosted by two librarians. For a book lover and hopeful future librarian, it's obviously right up my alley. Also, it makes me daydream about starting a podcast for my local library system (you know, once I'm a librarian there).

{wishlisting} coats and cardigans. Guys, I'm cold. Winter is my least favorite season, and I think subconsciously I avoid shopping appropriately for it. I pretty much wear the same coat all the time, and the small number of cozy cardigans I have are literally falling apart. I could really use some of these winter closet staples, asap!

{watching} my sweet Jona grow into such a big kid. The last few months it seems like Jona has grown so much--all traces of toddler-hood have all but disappeared and he is fully into kid territory now. Although he's still one of the shorter kids in his class, he looks SO much taller to me. He has strong opinions about what he likes and no longer likes (Paw Patrol is out apparently; Star Wars is in). He has fully embraced the teeny tiny choking-hazard-for-his-sister Legos and continues to impress me with his puzzle skills. He is even sounding out words and starting to read! I'm so proud of him, yet at the same time I feel like I blinked and he aged about a million years.

{hearting} my photo printer. With my Christmas money, I bought a Canon Selphy photo printer, and I love it! While it is pretty inexpensive to print photos at places like Target and Walgreens, you can't beat a photo printer for convenience. I'm terrible about having a phone full of photos yet very few displayed in my home, but this printer has helped. The one I have only prints up to 4 x 6" photos, and that works perfectly for what I need. Thanks to Alexandra's suggestion (she's my guru for all things photo/documenting related), I'm also going to choose a few photos from each month to print and make a small Project Life-style photo album for 2018 as well. This is such a fun, but useful item.

What have you been up to this month so far?

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  1. I can so see you as a librarian. Jona sounds like he is a fun stage. 4-5 were years I loved when my daughter was young.


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