$10 at Target: Weekly Budget Date Treats

Last month's $10 at Target post was all about healthy snacks. So very January of me, right? This month I kept the food theme but veered in quite a different direction. I've mentioned before that I'm doing a Happiness Project this year, and each month I focus on something different. Last month was all about health, but February has been dedicated to marriage.

Among my goals this month are to plan regular date nights and to take time to connect daily. Last Thursday evening when Aaron and I were sitting down to do our weekly budget check-in, it occurred to me that we could make these feel more like mini dates and less like a chore.

Inspired by Kelsey of The Girl Next Door Podcast, who talked about having weekly cookie dates with her husband, I decided to buy a few treats for our Thursday night budget check-ins. Yes, we're still discussing money and budgets, but it's WAY less of a drag when that discussion is followed by dessert.

So on this Target run I stocked up on his and hers pints of Ben and Jerry's--Americone Dream for Aaron, Milk and Cookies for me. Since that only added up to $7, I also picked up a package of pre-made cookie dough (just under $3) to put in the freezer so that we can bake a few cookies at a time to enjoy once the ice cream runs out.

With our busy schedules, finding time for date nights is challenging, but I love taking something that we do together anyway and making it a little more enjoyable.

What's your favorite way to turn a mundane task into something fun? How do fit in time for date nights or friend-dates? 

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