Violet Lennon at 15 Months

I hadn't planned on doing another Violet update until she was 18 months, but I forgot how much changes between that year to year and a half mark. While I can't bring myself to stop calling her my baby (and likely never will), she has officially strutted her way into toddler-hood. Sob. Here's what the little lady is up to at 15 months.

{Violet at 15 months}

Size - She's 29 inches in height, putting her at the 7th percentile, and 20 pounds 2 oz, which is the 33rd percentile. Most of that weight is in her cute little pot belly that she sticks out when she walks around.

Sleep - She still (theoretically) takes two naps a day, but I think those days are numbered. She often fights through the first nap and only sleeps for the second, or vice versa. But I'm trying to hold on to those two naps for as long as I can! At night she sleeps from about 7:30 or so until sometime between 6 and 7 am. Of course she seems to wake up earlier on the days I'm home, and on the days I have to go into the office I have to wake her up. Thanks, V.

Eating - I've seen tiny glimpses into the world of picky toddler-hood with her, but they're pretty rare so far. She is happiest sitting at the table and boy can she EAT. I often give her what Jona won't finish from his plate. She still loves all the fruits, and is a pretty big fan of carbs too (who can blame her?). However, unlike her brother, she also eats just about everything else too. At this point her "like" column far outweighs the "dislikes", with mostly just veggies on that list. She started drinking almond milk shortly after her first birthday due to some constipation issues she was having, but we're slowly transitioning her to cow's milk to see how she does. She handles other dairy fine in moderation.

Milestones - The big one is that Violet started walking earlier this month, right after New Year's. She took a few steps here and there in December, but waited until 2018 to really start moving. Now she struts around everywhere and tries to keep up with her big brother--going too fast and falling down plenty.

Talking - Violet went from having a handful of words on her first birthday (mama, dada, Jojo, Ella--her word for Ellie) to talking up a storm. She still babbles quite a bit and strings a lot of gibberish together (accompanied with a look on her face like how can we not understand?). However, now she's added quite a number of (mostly identifiable) words to that. She says "want-that" and "want-down" and I'm trying to add "please" into her demanding little vocabulary. Other things she loves to say are truck, hot, uh oh, kitty, dog, choo choo, ball, ma (her word for mine...great), hi, shoes, hat, duck, cracker, nana (banana), and lots more.

Favorite things - books (a gal after my own heart for sure), anything that belongs to Jona, small objects that she can carry around and set on various surfaces around the house, dumping out all the toys, being up on the couch and bouncing around, food.

Least favorite things - when the food is gone, when Jona is eating something she can't have, napping without a sleep sack (really want to get rid of that thing...), getting her face/hands/nose wiped, getting out of the bathtub, the time between about 5 and 6pm when dinner is not yet ready but I can't hold her (because I'm cooking the dinner). 

Things I want to remember - This is such a fun age. With her walking around everywhere and chattering all the time she is making it clear that she wants so badly to be a part of everything. She has such a big personality; she tests the limits and is so dramatic, but then so sweet and cuddly minutes later. She is constantly cracking me up. The other night I was putting her to bed and I told her to go pick a book to read. She walks over to her bookshelf, stands there for a moment, and says "Hmmmm." I love being her mom. 

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