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I love surveys and questionnaires. Do you? Every time The Blended Blog does one of these TBB asks linkups I always see it too late to join in. This time though I caught the announcement over the weekend and decided to join the fun. Here are my answers to this month's New Years-themed TBB Asks.

I loved ringing in the new year with these hooligans! 

1. Resolutions or no resolutions? I choose a word of the year and also set yearly and monthly goals. This year I'm doing a Happiness Project inspired by Gretchen Rubin's book, and each month I'm focusing on something different to (in theory) make me happier. I feel pretty happy already, but there's always room for improvement!

2. Love snow or no snow? No snow. I feel terrible saying that since Jona would love nothing more than to go out and build a snowman. Yet it seems like when it does snow, at least lately, it's too cold for him to enjoy for very long. Pretty much I like snow if I can be inside, sipping hot cocoa, and I can do that without snow!

3. Name a new place you want to go this year. I'd like for us to make it to stop three of our baseball park tour, which we're making slow progress on. Last year it was Minnesota, but this year I hope we can make it to either Denver or Chicago, both of which are drive-able distances for us. I've been to both of those cities before, but it's been quite a while.

4. Would you rather have a new hair cut or hair color? Well, I'm trying to grow my hair out, so hair color I guess. I haven't colored my hair for years because I hate the maintenance it requires, but it would be nice to have the time and money to get regular highlights again.

5. Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year. I've mentioned this before, but I'd like to re-enroll in the MLS (library science) program I started before Jona was born. I want to get back on track and head down a career path that suits me better than my current one.

6. Least favorite thing about January? The cold and the fact that it's winter, the season I'd skip if I could.

7. Most favorite thing about January? New Year's Day. The fresh start: new calendars, a new planner, new goals... January first brings out the nerd in me and I love it.

8. When do you take down your holiday decorations? I don't really have a set time. This year we took them down less than a week after Christmas, but that's not always the case. Violet is at an age where she's into everything, so I was ready for it all to go.

9. Do you diet in January? No, I don't do well with actual diets. I am trying to accomplish some health goals this month though, like taking regular walking breaks at work and cutting back on sugar.

10. What area of your home do you want to organize the most? I've mentioned before that I recently set up a "command center" to create an organized space for all the paper clutter we accumulate. I want to maintain that space and keep it organized, and I would also like to organize our spare bedroom/office. It's the room we used to store all our Christmas gifts and wrapping paper, and right now it's full of boxes that won't fit in our overstuffed recycling bin.

11. Favorite winter comfort food? I love to bake in the winter, so pretty much any baked good. (I had great luck this weekend with this banana bread recipe I discovered at In Residence.) If we're talking non-sweet food, I love baked pastas and soup this time of year.

12. Favorite guilty pleasure? Enjoying a glass of wine pretty much every evening. Bundling up and eating a bowl of ice cream. The best, most indulgent, nights involve both :) (See dieting, above.)

I'd love to hear your answers as well!

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