Chatting With Jona: Comic Relief from a Four Year Old

If you ever start fear that you're taking life too seriously, just spend a little time with a four year-old. Whether he intends to or not, Jona provides quite a bit of comic relief at our house. I try to write down the funny things he says so I don't forget, and share them with you all just because it's something I always get a kick out of reading on other blogs too. Here are a few recent conversations that made me laugh.

Lying in his bed one night after reading stories (from his favorite superhero book), "Do superheroes...? Does Captain America wear underwear?"

Me, at dinner (aka the battleground): "Do you think you can take one bite and try it like a big kid?" Jona: "Well, maybe when I'm 5 years old."

While making cookies, "Hold on, I need to put on my cooking cape!" I love his word for apron so much that I've started calling them cooking capes too! I tell him that we're kitchen superheroes. :)

I'm putting Violet down for a nap and she's fussing. Jona pokes his head in the door and says "Is everything going alright in there?" Another time, same situation, "Are you having some trouble in there?"

After singing a song at bedtime, cozy in his bed, he sweetly says, "Mom?" "Yeah?" "You have a big head." Thanks buddy.

On Halloween at his preschool, they got to go trick or treating at a nearby retirement home. I asked him what they did that day, and he said "We went to a nursey house to trick or treat."

When Violet was trying to climb on the bookshelf that Aaron was putting together. "No no Violet, that is not a plaything."

Violet was trying to get into the puzzle pieces, and Jona says to Aaron and I, "She is a hoo. li. gan!"

While playing with his superhero figurines (see a theme here?), "Batman and Superman are in love... with each other!" Lately he's been talking about love and getting married. He said he is going to marry Violet. So sweet... but I did let him know that you can't marry your sister. I asked him if he knows what "being in love is" and he said that "you and daddy are in love" and that we are in love with him and Violet too. I love little ones' sweet and simple understanding of love.

Have the little ones in your life said anything funny lately? 

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