7 Day Capsule Challenge with Cladwell

A few years ago, tired of cramming too many clothes in a too-small closet, I took on the challenge of a capsule wardrobe. I did it for a few seasons and learned a lot, but eventually got tired of the restriction. Since then we've moved and I have a much larger closet. Now I'm having quite the opposite problem: I feel the need to fill the space and in turn have too many options to choose from.

When I saw the invitation to participate in the 7 Day Capsule Challenge on my Cladwell app, I decided it would be the perfect way to try a mini closet refresh. I've been loving all things burgundy lately, so I decided to have a burgundy, black, and gray capsule. I went through my virtual closet (although you could do this with your real closet) and chose only things that I loved that fit in with that color scheme.

Each day my app suggests an outfit that only uses the capsule items I selected. Not only does this make getting dressed super easy, but it's also kind of fun to see just how many options there are in this seemingly very limited color palette. I will definitely keep up the challenge for a week (I started on Monday) but I may go even longer than that, we'll see.

If you're feeling the need for a closet shake-up, challenging yourself to create a mini capsule wardrobe is a great idea. Just choose a color scheme and pull only the items that fit that scheme and put them front and center in your closet. You don't need to have the Cladwell app to try this challenge, but it's an app I really do use and enjoy. I don't use it every day, but it's what I go to when I'm in a rut and don't know what to wear. I like the changes they've made since it first came out, like being able to edit an outfit (e.g. such as swap out a pair of shoes), refresh an outfit for a different option, and to make mini capsules within your closet to better suit your lifestyle.

I'm having fun with my burgundy, black, and gray mini capsule; it's been fun dressing with a color scheme in mind. Are you a fan of capsule wardrobes? Would you consider doing a mini capsule for a week or more? 

If you join the challenge be sure to tag #Cladwell7DayChallenge on social media.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Cladwell. However, I do use an affiliate link and I make a little bit of money when anyone purchases a subscription to the Cladwell app and service. All opinions, of course, are my own.

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  1. This is the coolest app! I feel like I should try it because I'm always struggling to mix things in my wardrobe.

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