$10 at Target: Healthy Snacking

I'm doing a Happiness Project this year (inspired by Gretchen Rubin), and this month I'm focusing on health. One way I am trying to be healthier is by cutting back on the amount of sugar in my diet. I have a major sweet tooth and I know that the amount of sugar I eat is my worst eating habit.

There are certain parts of my sugar consumption that are non-negotiable to me. I love to bake and I don't plan to give that up anytime soon. And you know how I feel about ice cream. However, I know that I could significantly reduce my sugar intake by making better snack choices.

For this month's $10 at Target I decided to find some fun, healthy snacks that I don't usually buy to shake up my snacking habit.

{$10 at Target: Healthy Snacks}

I love eating apples with peanut butter, but for work I want don't take the time to put the peanut butter into a portable container. (Lazy, I know.) I saw these little peanut butter to go cups and I know they will help me make that healthy snack more convenient.

Another snack I like that for some reason I rarely think about is popcorn. It feels like I'm eating something unhealthy, but popcorn is actually a low calorie snack. I love the white cheddar kind.

I like granola bars too, but the kind I usually go for are packed with sugar and chocolate. They're a little expensive, but sometimes I treat myself to these Kind bars--they're still sweet (the kind I bought is peanut butter dark chocolate) but not nearly as bad as some of the other varieties out there.

Another go-to snack for me is yogurt with granola, but that's another one I don't take the time to prepare and take for work. I usually buy the big tubs of yogurt and I don't want to put it and granola into separate portable containers. I found these little Chobani Flips at Target and decided to give them a try. They do have quite a bit of sugar, but I figure as long as that's not my snack every day it will balance out the saltier choices. (Plus, they're better than eating a chocolate chip bagel as a snack. Or a cookie.)

Jif To-Go: $2.06
Simply Balanced Popcorn: $2.50
Kind Bars: $3.09
Chobani Flips: $1.88
Total spent: $9.53

Part of my problem with snacking, I've realized, is that I don't keep enough healthy snack options available, so I just end up eating whatever's around (which is not always the best decision, especially at work). Inspired by this post at Everyday Reading I decided to make a list of 10 healthy go-to snacks to always plan to have on hand. When I need a snack I'll just go to my list and choose something.

{10 Healthy Go-To Snacks}

What's your favorite go-to snack? 

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