December Goals and November Wins

Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Inspired by Rising Shining, the blog written by Kelsey of The Girl Next Door podcast (a favorite of mine), instead of sharing how well I did on the previous month's goals, I'm sharing only the accomplishments to focus on the positive. 

{november wins}

- Found simple, easy-to-clean placemats for our dining room. It's a little ridiculous how long it took me to buy these. But whatever, it's a win.

- Made an Advent Calendar that we're going to start today. (Be sure to come back on the 13th to see more and to join in!

- Ordered Christmas cards and got them (mostly) ready to send. All I need to do is finish addressing them and add some stamps. Why do I never have any stamps? 

- Got most of my Christmas shopping done. I think this is the first year EVER that I've gotten most of my shopping done before December!

- Collaborated with Alexandra on November's Live Your Best (Holiday) Life for Less and created a December version as well

{december goals}

- Decorate the house for Christmas. This is kind of silly for a "goal" but I do love checking something off a list!

- Finish Christmas shopping and wrap gifts. This kind of has to happen. But again, I love a good check mark. 

- Start planning and purchasing items for a "family command center". Paper clutter is taking over my life at home and it's been driving me crazy. We technically have an office area in our spare bedroom, but it's in a location that isn't convenient, so what ends up happening is that papers pile up in our kitchen and entryway. So after doing some Pinterest-scouring, I have a plan to use some empty wall space in our entryway for a "command center". (I think that's the dorkiest name on the planet, but I don't care what you call it--as long as it brings down my stress level.) 

- Co-host (also with Alexandra) an Advent Calendar and Holiday Traditions linkup. (Interested? Check out this post and plan to link up a holiday post--anything--on December 13th!) 

What were your wins for November? What do you want to get done this month? 

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