In My Library Tote: Preschool Books on Favorite Subjects

I love to bring home a variety of books to read with Jona. I'm often surprised by the ones he loves, and the variety ensures that there are several that I love as well. However, books on certain subjects are guaranteed to please. Today's round-up features books about dinosaurs, construction vehicles, and robots, all of which are favorite subjects for my four-year-old boy.

{preschool books: favorite subjects}

{Bulldozer Helps Out by Candace Fleming} Little Bulldozer wants to help out, but the big trucks say that he is too small. They finally give him a job to do, but he ends up finding a task that's even more important--caring for some newborn kittens! 
     Preschooler approved? Yes. It wasn't as beloved as Mighty Mighty Construction Site (or Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site), but he still liked this one. 

{Boy and Bot by Ame Dyckman} One day, a boy meets a robot and they become great friends. When Bot is turned off accidentally, Boy thinks he is sick. He tucks him into bed, then falls asleep himself. Meanwhile, Bot gets switched back on, sees Boy sleeping, and thinks he's broken. Can he fix his new friend Boy? 
     Preschooler approved? Yes, this was one of Jona's favorites! 

{T-Veg: The Story of a Carrot-Crunching Dinosaur by Smriti Prasadam-Halls} Reginald the T. Rex is just like any other Tyrannosaurus; he's got a loud roar, he's strong, he's fast. However, instead of eating meat, he prefers vegetables. Some of the other T. Rexes make fun of Reginald, so he leaves to try to join some herbivores. Of course, that plan doesn't exactly work out. This was a cute preschool-level story about accepting those who are different. 
     Preschooler approved? Yes, this one was probably the favorite of the bunch. 

{If I Had a Triceratops by George O'Connor} What would it be like to have a pet triceratops living in your back yard? One child imagines all the fun they would have together. 
     Preschooler approved? Yes, Jona liked this one. There have been several other dinosaur books (including T-Veg) that he's enjoyed more though.

{Mighty Mighty Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker} In this follow-up to Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, the construction trucks have their biggest job yet. It's too big for them to accomplish alone, but if they work together they can get it done. 
     Preschooler approved? Oh yes, Jona loved this one. 

What are the never-fail subjects that your kids enjoy reading about? Do you have any recommendations for me that relate to any of the topics above? 

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