$10 at Target: Advent Calendar Goodies

I've always loved the idea of an Advent calendar, but most years it's November 29 before I think about actually doing one. This year though, I vowed to plan ahead and create a fun, simple Advent calendar with fun family activities, books, and small treats.

I'll share more details about my Advent calendar next week, but for now I'll show you a few things I found at Target to get me started.

I found this cute striped banner that I'll use for the base of the calendar itself, and use mini clothespins that I already have to attach a little something for all 25 days.

For the countdown days, I plan to do a combination of Christmas books (mostly from the library, some owned), family activities, and little treats. I found a few goodies in Target's Dollar Spot that I know Jona will enjoy. Violet won't care much at her age, but if I do this again when she's older I'd pick up double the treats so that they could each get something.

I know Jona will love these little treats, and I love that they were so inexpensive. Other than the banner that was $3, everything I got was $1, which made my grand total $9 before tax.

Have you found anything fun at Target lately?

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