Violet Lennon at 1 Year

Well, I blinked and my baby girl turned one. Her birthday was Thursday, the poor thing got four shots on Friday, but hopefully we made up for it with her birthday party on Saturday. We kept it small and simple, and did another ice cream sundae party. She even got her own little dish of vanilla, which ended up pretty much everywhere except her mouth.

Weight - 18 lb, 6 oz. She's in the 28th percentile for weight. She's constantly moving so those little rolls are slowly disappearing. Sniff! 

Length - 28 inches long, which is the 13th percentile for height. (Her head was in the 64th though--whoa girl!) 

Violet's cousins showing her how it's done!

Sleep - Not a lot has changed, although the shorter days have made sleep a little easier. It's dark when she goes to bed, which helps, and she'll occasionally sleep later than 6am too. (Although I know the minute I type that it's over.) 

Eating -  Violet's favorite sport. Man can this girl eat. She loves anything and everything we put in front of her right now, and she eats a ton. We're starting to transition her to whole milk, and she's down to just one bottle before bed. I'm going to drop that one very soon, but I'm a little nervous about it. That nighttime bottle doesn't put her to sleep, but it's been part of her bedtime routine for so long that I know the change will be hard. There will be loud protests for sure. 

Mood - She is pretty happy most of the time. But boy when she's mad, you know it. She is full of energy and curiosity, and is ever-so-dramatic if you tell her no. 

Milestones - She crawls around everywhere now, and is surprisingly fast. She's also cruising around furniture and she'll push walk-along toys a bit. She'll stand without holding on to anything for a few seconds, but for now if there's somewhere she wants to go she crawls or climbs. She continues to be fearless and as a result falls quite a bit. I thought about getting her a helmet for her birthday. (Kidding... kind of.) 

Favorite things - mealtime (especially if there's pasta--that's a fave), music, dumping out all the toys, when I sing "Oblah Di Oblah Dah" (Jona loved that one too!), taking off her socks, playing with anything that's not a toy (e.g. reusable shopping bags, oven mitts, etc.), pushing the button that turns the TV off, when I hold her up to turn the light switch off, anything that Jona is playing with

Least favorite things - hearing the word "no", diaper changes, baby gates (and pretty much all the things that keep her safe...), getting into the carseat 

How we're doing - Well, October has officially kicked my butt. Aaron was gone a lot for golf, and most recently he took the girls to the state tournament about 6 hours away (which is awesome that they qualified, go Aaron and team!) for a couple of days. While he was gone our sewer backed up, and we had to have part of our sewer line replaced due to huge tree roots that cracked the pipe. File that under "problems I never knew I'd have". We still don't know the final cost, as they're still working, but we do know that it's a serious amount of money. And you may recall that we JUST had to have our entire HVAC system replaced as well. So our house pretty much feels like a money pit right now. Oh, and this happened the week of Violet's birthday. I'm not going to lie, I'm ready for October to be over.

How big brother is doing -  I think the stresses of the month have taken a toll on him as well, because the last couple of weeks he's been extra cranky. He still loves to play with Violet and help her, but there's a new dynamic between them as well. She's getting to be a lot more assertive and she'll try to take toys right out of his hand. She also gets right in his face (and sometimes, tries to grab his face), and he gets pretty mad. I have a feeling that despite their ages, Violet will be the one getting in trouble for picking on Jona. 

Things I want to remember - I mainly want to remember her spunky little personality! She goes from sweet to sassy to my-world-is-ending in a matter of minutes, and I love how she does nothing half way. She'll give me a hug and my heart will melt, but then a moment later she's arching her back and crying because I had the audacity to put her on the changing table to change her diaper. It's been such a wonderful, memorable year being her mom! 

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