October Goals and September Wins

Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and the next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family and personal life. 

Also, I decided to change up how I share my previous month's goals. Inspired by Rising Shining, the blog written by Kelsey of The Girl Next Door podcast (a favorite of mine), instead of sharing how well I did on each stated goal, I'm sharing accomplishments for the prior month to focus on the positive. 

While it wasn't a goal last month to take a picture with the Weiner-mobile, I'll count it as a win!

{september wins}

  • Reupholstered my dining room chairs. They turned out great! I shared a pic on Snapchat (@shealennonblog) but I'll have to take a "real" picture soon as well. 

  • Had regular "Power Hours". I was able to check a few things off that nagging list, like back-up storage on my computer, finalize and order my 2016 photo album (finally!!),  and wash my makeup brushes. I'd like to keep up with doing these regularly. 

  • Improved my Instagram. Instagram is my favorite social media, so I've been working on posting more consistently. I decided to start sharing my books on Instagram as well, since my book posts on the blog are usually behind by a month or two (or three...). I think I do a decent job engaging with others there, but I'd like to get better. One thing I don't do is pay attention to my numbers. I feel like the minute I start caring about how many followers I have, the less enjoyable it will be for me. I'd also like to figure out Stories! Should I do that or Snapchat? Help, guys!

  • Read 7 books. I predict my number will go down this month, both because it's such a busy month and because I just started The Resurrection of Joan Ashby and it's a fat one. 

{october goals}


Buy placemats and choose paint for the dining room. Why has it taken me so long to buy placemats? I just need to find some that will work and move on with my life. I'm pretty good at committing to a paint color though, so I'd like to knock that out as well. 


Use Pinterest more thoughtfully and strategically. While I do use Pinterest regularly to organize recipe ideas, outfits, and home projects I'd like to try, I'd like to start thinking a bit beyond that. Not only do I need to clean-up the Pins and boards I have, but I'd like to make my content more Pinnable (and then actually remember to Pin it!).


Start planning for Christmas. Thanks to a Scholastic book order through Jona's preschool, I got the ball rolling on Christmas gifts last month. I'm usually running around last minute trying to get gifts, thanks to that enabler Amazon Prime. However, this year the budget is pretty tight, so I want to shop smart and shop (a little) early. 

What are your goals for this month? Did you have any good September wins?

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